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Blind Faith

The beginnings of Blind Faith date from mid-1968, with the break-up of Cream. In retrospect as the first "super-group," Cream had become a financial powerhouse, selling millions of records within a few years and raising the group's (and each member's) repertoire to international popularity. Despite that success, the band was crumbling from within because of frequent animosity between Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker, with Eric Clapton doing his best to mediate. In addition, Clapton had tired of playing commercially driven blues and hoped to move forward with a new, experimental, less straitjacketed approach to the genre.

Steve Winwood was facing similar problems in The Spencer Davis Group, where he had been the lead singer for three years. Winwood wanted to experiment with the band's sound by infusing jazz elements, but left due to his musical differences, instead forming a new bands — Traffic — Winwood 1967. That band split temporarily in 1969, and Winwood started to jam with his good friend Clapton in Clapton's basement in Surrey, England. Winwood and Clapton had previously collaborated on the "Powerhouse" project.

Clapton was pleased with the jam sessions, but was hesitant to start a serious group. Ginger Baker turned up again one day to sit in with them in 1969, and the band took near-final form. Clapton questioned letting Baker in the band, because he had promised Jack Bruce that, if they were to work with one another again, all three of them would play. Moreover, Clapton didn't want to reunite with Cream barely nine weeks after the break-up, and also didn't want to deal with another "Cream-like" super-stardom situation. Winwood ultimately persuaded Clapton to finalize Baker's inclusion in the line-up, arguing that Ginger Baker strengthened their musicianship and that it would be hard to find an equally talented drummer. Baker was a participant in sessions and public appearances

By May 1969, Ric Grech, bassist with Family, was invited to join them (leaving Family, mid-tour).

Blind Faith were an English blues-rock band.
The band, which was one of the first "super-groups", released their only album, Blind Faith in August 1969.
Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood both appeared in the movie Blues Brothers 2000.
In July 2007, old friends Clapton and Winwood reunited for a performance at the Crossroads 2 concert in Chicago.


70's Rock

Can't Find My Way Home

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