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Bowling For Soup

  • The band released their first live dvd called Bowling for Soup: Live and Very Attractive.
  • Their song When We Die was #68 on MTV Asia's list of Top 100 Hits of 2007.
  • The album's title originated from the news ticker on the bottom of a TV screen that the group saw when in a hotel bar. The headline said Burrito Extortion Case which intrigued the band members.
  • Bowling For Soup covered the song of Britney Spears that was Baby One More Time which was one of the soundtrack of the Disney's movie Freaky Friday.
  • They covered the song of Fergie's song London Bridge.
  • All of the band members are fans for the comedian Mitch Hedberg.
  • They have four vehicles. They are El Guapo, Meadowlark, La Galetta, and Whoop.
  • Chris's guitar is a custom Gibson Les Paul. He has had a custom paint job done on it.
  • They have vowed to never play at weddings.
  • The song "1985" was originally going to be called "1984", but 1985 rhymed with preoccupied.
  • Jaret's previous jobs included construction worker and a toy store owner. Chris's jobs included paperboy, cook, janitor, painter, and he worked at a camp for mentally unstable adults. Erik used to be a janitor, waiter, and bartender. Finally, Gary's job was a picture framer.
  • Jaret has college degrees in business management and psychology.
  • In the video Girl All the Bad Guys Want, Jaret dresses up as the lead singer of Staind and Fred Durst.
  • The band never has a set list before they play. It has been this way since the band formed.
  • The song Girl All the Bad Guys Want was originally written about angry musicians who had problems with their dads.
  • According to Jaret, the six years before they had a major label debut were the funnest.
  • Chris and Jaret had first met as kids.
  • The band has sold over one million albums.
  • Joey House is the name of the mom in the "1985" video.
  • The song High School Never Ends was released on iTunes September 19, 2006.
  • Lance Morril left the band on good terms in 1998 and was replaced by Gary Wiseass.
  • The band was formed by Jaret Reddick, Erik Chandler, Chris Burney, and Lance Morril.
  • The band is based in Denton, Texas.
  • Every band member is terrible at bowling. Chris's best score is 70.
  • The song Jaret is most proud of writing is "Friends O' Mine".
  • When the manager learned of the Grammy nomination, he called Jaret, who was with his wife in the delivery room waiting for the birth of his daughter.
  • The name Bowling for Soup came from a 1978 Steve Martin comedy album. It was supposed to be temporary, but it was never changed.
  • Their biggest influences are The Defendants, The Ranmones, and Motley Crew.
  • The song "Punk Rock 101" makes reference to Bon Jovi twice. The first time is the line: "when she cried because she thought Bon Jovi broke up". The second time is: "Like Tommy and Gina, they're livin' on a prayer". Tommy and Gina are fictional people in the song "Livin' On a Prayer" by Bon Jovi.
  • They met while playing in a coffee shop that Chris ran. They were all in different bands.
  • In the video "When We Die", Jaret's father is played by Lee Majors.
  • Jaret writes most of the songs himself.
  • The Album The Great Burrito Extortion Case was tentatively titled All My Rowdy Friends are Still Intoxicated or We're Not Fat, We Just Have Small Heads.
  • When asked about where he felt the band would be 10 years from now, Jaret replied that they will keep playing as long as people will listen.
  • The CD A Hangover You Don't Deserve was almost called Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls.
  • Zac Malloy, the members of Fastball, Perry from Nerf Herder, Mitch Allen, Jeff Coplanas, and Stan from Sugar RAy and his partner Steve Fox helped write the songs in A Hangover You Don't Deserve.
  • Jaret was born on March 6 in Grapevine, Texas.
  • Their favorite beer is Miller Lite.
  • Their song "When We Die" was co-written with Butch Walker.
  • At one part in the song "On and On (About You)", the chorus is sung in French.

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May 24, 2010 (11:02am)
1985 thats a great song and also the year my mom graduated from high school

March 8, 2010 (12:09pm)
Bowling For Soup freaky hilarious @
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