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Counting Crows

  • They began as just Duritz and Bryson playing acoustic shows together in the San Francisco area.
  • T-Bone Burnett, admired by Duritz, produced their first album.
  • In an era of alternative rock, they made millions from a more traditional, rootsy sound.
  • They played in replacement of Van Morrison at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, at the suggestion of The Band guitarist Robbie Robertson, a big fan.
  • The band considers themselves big fans of the pre-New Wave band Big Star. They once opened for Big Star under the name the Shatners. That was going to be the real name of the band before Counting Crows came along.
  • The band's name is "Counting Crows" not "The Counting Crows." It refers to a phrase "Counting Crows" which means pointless, like "that is about as pointless as counting crow." In other words, Adam and his buddies are not Crows.


90's Hits

A Long December

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