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Cover Girls

The Cover Girls began its musical career in 1986 at a time when other American and British girl groups such as Exposé, Bananarama, Seduction, Sweet Sensation and Company B were scoring hit singles on the pop and dance charts. The group was formed by music producer and songwriter Andy "Panda" Tripoli and music promoter and dance club owner Sal Abbatiello and was originally composed of singers Louise Angel Sabater (a.k.a. Angel Clivillés), Caroline Jackson and Sunshine Wright. The increased popularity of freestyle music, a Latin-influenced form of electronic dance music, played an influential role in the style of the group's initial recordings.

In late 1987, Wright decided to leave the group and was replaced by Margo Urban. In 1990, while the Cover Girls were the opening act on the New Kids on the Block tour, Sabater embarked on a solo career; singer Evelyn Escalera was hired to replace her. Then in 1992, Urban left the group and was replaced by Michelle Valentine, leaving Jackson as the sole original member. By the time they released their fourth studio album, Satisfy in 1996, the majority of the lead vocals were being performed by Valentine with background session singers and with Escalera coming back in from a 2-year hiatus. In 2001, Escalera enlisted Lorraine Munoz and Sabrina Nieves and toured as the Cover Girls. Evelyn Escalera, Sabrina Nieves and Lorraine Munoz still tour as the Cover Girls. It is unknown whether a fifth studio album will be released.

The Cover Girls is a New York City-based freestyle-urban-dance-pop girl group that achieved the majority of its chart success in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Among the group's best-known songs are "Show Me" and "Wishing on a Star."

90's Hits

Wishing on a Star

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