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Crowded House

Melbourne, Australia (1986 – 1996, 2007 – present)

Crowded House is a rock group formed in 1985 in Melbourne, Australia and led by New Zealand musician and singer-songwriter Neil Finn. The band were originally active from 1986 to 1996 before deciding to split up. In 2007, the band reunited to record and tour again.

Neil Finn and Paul Hester decided to form a new band during the Split Enz farewell tour ‘Enz with a Bang’. Nick Seymour approached Finn during the after party for the Melbourne show and asked if he could try out for this new band. The first incarnation of the band, The Mullanes, formed in Melbourne in 1985 and also included guitarist Craig Hooper, formerly of The Reels. They secured a record contract with Capitol Records and moved to Los Angeles, at which time Hooper left the band. At the label’s behest, the band changed its name to “Crowded House,” which alluded to the cramped quarters the three members shared at an apartment in North Sycamore Street in West Hollywood during the recording of the album. They also invited former Split Enz keyboard player Eddie Rayner to join, and he produced the track “Can’t Carry On” for the debut self-titled album. He initially joined them on tour in 1988 on keyboards, but had to leave for family reasons before he could be made a full member.

Bursting onto the international scene in 1987 with Don’t Dream It’s Over from the album Crowded House, the band seemed destined for greatness. However, despite eking out one more hit from the album, Something So Strong, the follow up Temple Of Low Men failed to repeat its commercial success, despite critical acclaim.

Their albums include Crowded House, Afterglow, Recurring Dream and much more.
The band name, Crowded House, was inspired by the cramped room in California where the band spent 1985 rehearsing their self-titled debut album.
Their songs include "Don't Dream It's Over", "Something So Strong", "Sister Madly", "Lester", Weather With You and many more.
Crowded House often covered "Throw Your Arms Around Me" by Hunters & Collectors. Nick Seymour's brother was the frontman for Hunters & Collectors.
The 'Farewell To The World' concert, held at Sydney Opera House, had all proceeds go to the Sydney Children's Hospital.
The song "Pineapple Head" was written when Neil's son Liam started talking nonsense when having a high fever.
"Don't Dream It's Over" was used for a New Zealand tourism advertisement.
All up, Crowded House had 6 members.
Their only two number one albums ("Recurring Dream" and "Crowded House") were only number one in Australia and no where else.
Howie Day, Sarah Blasko, James Blunt, Belinda Carlisle and Paul Young are some of the many artists who have covered Crowded House. A CD was even produced, She Will Have Her Way, where only female artists covered their songs.
Paul Hester took his own life in 2005, making him the only deceased member of Crowded House as of 2006.
"Don't Dream It's Over" was used in The Stand, a Stephen King TV movie.
They won the 'MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist' in 1987 for "Don't Dream It's Over".
A fan-created nickname for the band is The Crowdies.
For the first time in 11 years, Crowded House announced in 2007 they were reforming and they were also touring. As of January 2007, they were also looking for a replacement drummer for Paul Hester.
Crowded House was initially named The Mullanes (named after Neil's middle name), but later changed to Crowded House.
Neil Finn, Paul Hester and Tim Finn, who were all in Crowded House, were also in Split Enz before Crowded House.
Out of all members, Neil Finn and Nick Seymour stayed the longest in the band.


80's Hits

Don't Dream It's Over
Something so strong


Members of this Group

Prydferth Menyw









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