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Days of the New

  • Days of the New is an alternative rock band from Charlestown, Indiana (later relocated to Louisville, Kentucky), formed in 1995.
  • Days of the New began as a hard rock/metal trio called Dead Reckoning, with Meeks, Matt Taul, and Jesse Vest. When they turned to an acoustic sound, they changed the name of the band, as well as added guitarist Todd Whitener.
  • Producer Scott Litt signed the band after their third live show.
  • The band recorded their debut album in October and November 1996. The first Days of the New release, an eponymous album frequently called "Orange" or "Yellow" after the color of the disc and liner notes, was released in 1997, selling 1.5 million copies worldwide. Three songs from this album were hits: "Touch, Peel and Stand," "The Down Town," and "Shelf in the Room."
  • Various artistic themes are notable throughout the tenure of Days of the New. Every album focuses on a particular color and usually involves themes of small town rural America. The most obvious visual hallmark, however, is that the cover art for every Days of the New features a twisted old tree.


Touch, Peel and Stand

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