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All 3 members are brothers. They have 4 younger siblings.

They started writing songs and playing together in 1992, when Zac was just 6. They released 2 independent albums before Mercury Records signed them and released Middle Of Nowhere in 1997.

Hanson is from Tulsa, Oklahoma. They have a studio in their home.

All 3 were home schooled. They got a lot of music education along the way, as their parents exposed them to lots of music, especially Rock and R&B from the '50s and '60s.

Zac explains their songwriting process:

_"The 3 of us always get our 2 cents in to make the song better, whether it's just a couple of lyrics, a melody or chord change, whatever it is, everybody ends up coming in and adding their musical sense and ear to each song. I don't know if it's being brothers, or if it's the fact that we've been playing together for 12 years and we know each other really well, but I think it's really just a mutual respect we have for each other's abilities. I really do love the songs that Tay and his musical sense bring to the table, and Ike's sense, and I think that's what it comes down to - respecting each other's opinions and knowing they've written a lot of songs you enjoy, and you want to know what they think."

Taylor's first name is Jordan and his middle name is Taylor. Isaac's first name is Clarke and middle name is Isaac. Zac's middle name is Walker (after his father).


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Little Saint Nick
Rockin Around the Christmas Tree

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