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Keith Anderson

  • Keith Anderson's debut album Three Chord Country And American Rock & Roll was released in 2005.
  • On June 22, 2006 Keith Anderson appeared on CMT: Top Twenty Countdown.
  • Keith Anderson and his friend Rusty Gaston, once started a business singing country love songs as telegrams. They were called the "Romeo Cowboys".
  • Keith Anderson made a special guest appearance on Dr. Phil on Valentine's Day 2006.
  • In April of 2006, Keith Anderson and his good friend Blake Shelton played a friendly game of poker for a Chicago radio station's charity event.
  • Keith Anderson has blue eyes.
  • In 1998, Keith Anderson moved to Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Keith Anderson worked as a waiter for a restaurant on Music Row, while trying to get a record deal.
  • Keith Anderson has written ad jingles for local dallas radio stations.
  • Keith Anderson wanted to become a physical therapist.
  • Keith Anderson is a certified personal trainer.
  • Keith Anderson has had endorsement deals with companies like Bud Light, Nady Wireless Systems, Jim Dunlop brand guitar processors, Jim Beam, Gibson Guitars, GooGoo Clusters, Jodie Head, and Elixir Strings.
  • In 2005, Keith Anderson performed on the CMT 100 Greatest Duets Concert.
  • In 2006, Keith Anderson appeared on CMT: The Greatest-20 Greatest Southern Rock Songs.
  • Keith Anderson debut single was called "Pickin' Wildflowers."
  • Keith Anderson was nominated for a Grammy for the song "Beer Run" that he wrote.
  • In 2004, five different record labels were after Keith Anderson to sign with them.
  • Brian, Keith's older brother, created the Keith Anderson official website.
  • Keith Anderson has two brothers, Jason and Brian.
  • Keith Anderson quit his job after a year in a half at a top construction-engineering firm in Dallas, to pursue his music career.
  • Keith Anderson graduated first in his class at Oklahoma State. He had a gpa of 3.9 and also earned a degree in engineering.


Everytime I Hear Your Name
I Still Miss You

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