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Lou Christie

Sacco was born in Glen Willard, Pennsylvania]) and raised in suburban Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Sacco traveled to New York after graduating from Moon Area High School and found work as a session vocalist. He also recorded a few unsuccessful discs of his own for various record labels in both New York and Pittsburgh, most notably "The Jury" (as by "Lugee & The Lions") on the Pittsburgh-based Robbee label, which achieved local success.

After getting clean at a London drug rehabilitation clinic, he dropped out of the music industry, working variously as a ranch hand, offshore oil driller and carnival barker.

Christie became active on the oldies circuit starting in the early 1980s, and even scored a final U.S. chart hit, credited as "Summer '81 Medley" by The Cantina Band featuring Lou Christie, in 1981 - and, coincidentally, peaking at #81. On it, Christie performs a medley of Beach Boys classics. In 1999, Christie recorded his first all-new album since the 1970s entitled Pledging My Love. In 2004, Christie released his first concert album, Greatest Hits Live From The Bottom Line, which featured studio recording "Christmas In New York" as a bonus track. In addition to the occasional new release, Christie remains a popular concert act on the oldies circuit in the U.S. and UK.

50s, 60s Hits

Lightning Strikes
Rhapsody In The Rain
Two Faces Have I

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