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Mr President

The band was originally formed in Bremen by DJs Jens Neumann and Kai Matthiesen in 1991 under the title Satellite One. Although the band initially performed at clubs without vocalists, the duo soon realized that they would need singers in order to find success on mainstream music charts. 18 year old Bremen native Daniela Haak and American rapper George Jones were hired to front the band as a duo, but became a trio after 15 year old Judith "T-Seven" Hildebrandt was hired a few weeks later. Following Hildebrandt's insistence to be known as T-Seven on stage, Haak and Jones were convinced to create stage names for themselves, and they did, becoming "Lady Danii" and "Sir Prophet", respectively.

After a few years of performing in clubs without any mainstream success, Neumann and Matthiesen, now managers as well as producers, decided to change the name of the band to Mr. President, the 'Mr' standing for Music and Rhythm. Under the new band name, the group created an underground dance club hit with the song "MM" (Marilyn Monroe) in 1993. Although it failed to chart, "MM"'s popularity was a sign of things to come for the band.

Mr. President is a German euro-dance group from Bremen, best known for their hit "Coco Jamboo" in 1996. It gave them their only U.S. chart single, peaking at #21.

The band was originally called 'Satellite One'.


90's Hits

Coco Jamboo

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