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South Korean singer and rapper PSY became an international sensation with the outrageously silly video for his 2012 hit "Gangnam Style." The artist, born Park Jae-Sang, is a graduate of Boston University and Berklee College of Music and began his music career in 2001 with the album PSY from the PSYcho World! The album's in-your-face lyrics connected with Korean teens but concerned civil groups, causing PSY to pay fines and restrict sales to adults only. He capitalized on the controversy by releasing two more albums, Sa 2 and 3 PSY, a year later, which earned songwriting accolades at the 2004 SBS and Seoul Music Awards. Third album Sa Jib (Sa House) followed in 2006, along with more honors from the SBS Music Awards and KM Music Festival. Aside from his regular recording and performing duties, PSY became a familiar face with appearances on Korean game shows like X-Man and talk shows like Golden Fishery, bringing his flashy style and offbeat charm to the masses. Fifth album PSY Five arrived in 2010 as the artist signed to YG Entertainment, one of Korea's largest talent agencies and record labels, and took home trophies from the Melon, Seoul, and Asian Music Awards ceremonies. PSY kicked off 2011 with Best Album honors from the 20th High1 Seoul Music Festival and by the following spring he joined the cast of the Korean televised talent competition Superstar K as judge. His fame reached international status in summer 2012 with the release of the album PSY's Best 6th Part 1, propelled by the single "Gangnam Style," which he immortalized in a video with campy choreography that simulated riding a horse. Within a month of its release, the video racked up over 28 million hits on YouTube and inspired parody clips from all corners of the globe.

PSY was born in Gangnam District, Seoul, South Korea on December 31, 1977 and later attended Banpo Elementary School, Banpo Middle School, and Sehwa High School
Psy went on to attend both Boston University and Berklee College of Music
He describes himself as not following the K-pop mold
PSY debuted in January 2001 with his full-length album titled PSY... From the Psycho World!, for which he later had to pay a fine due to accusations that the album contained "inappropriate content"
He was a rookie hip-hop singer that stirred up the Korean pop music scene with very blunt lyrics, peculiar dance moves and an unconventional appearance
Because of his unique style he was nicknamed the "Bizarre Singer"
Psy served his mandatory military service as a technician in a venture firm from 2003 to 2005
On October 14, 2006, Psy married Yoo Hye-yeon (his girlfriend for three and a half years)
After evidence came to light that revealed that Psy hadn't properly carried out his duty during his service as a technician, he was re-drafted to serve as a soldier in the ROK Army in August 2007
After being discharged in the summer of 2009, Psy said he had learned a lot through this experience
He said he also felt the weight of his responsibility to his wife and twin daughters, born two months before he headed off to the ROK Army boot camp
He was arrested for smoking marijuana in 2001 and fined $4500 USD in 2002


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