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Paul Peterson

Paul Peterson, also known as St. Paul Peterson, is a musician best known for his memberships in the bands The Family and The Time. Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Peterson was the youngest son in a musical family. He was discovered by Prince in 1983 and groomed to replace Monte Moir as keyboardist of R&B band The Time. Peterson gained exposure when the band appeared in the hit movie Purple Rain.

When The Time broke up in 1984, Prince gathered the remnants to form The Family, with Peterson as lead singer. The group's tenure was brief, performing live only once (at First Avenue, where Purple Rain was filmed). Peterson left to pursue a solo career, releasing his eponymous debut album in 1987. Peterson released two singles, "Intimacy" and "Rich Man" from the album, as well as a video for the latter one. Prince wrote a song about Peterson's early jump from The Family ship called "Dream Factory", which was later released on 1998's Crystal Ball compilation. Peterson released two solo albums in the 1990s on Atlantic Records and a live recording with the group the Minneapolis All-Stars.

Peterson also toured as a member of the Steve Miller Band in the late 1980s.

Peterson is also a session musician and has backed up many acts in concert. He has toured with Kenny Loggins, and Oleta Adams. From 1998–2000 he was the bassist in the house band on the Donny & Marie TV program. His last solo album, Everything, was released in 2004. Peterson is married and has two children, and resides in the Minneapolis area.

Peterson produced two songs and co-produced two more songs on Oleta Adams' 2009 album, Let's Stay Here. He also played on the album, which was released April 21, 2009.

In June 2011, Peterson and three other members of The Family reunited as fDeluxe and released a record called Gaslight in September 2011. Since then fDeluxe has released RELIT, and most recently "AM Static," a collection of covers done in the classic fDeluxe style.

Peterson is the Program Chair for Audio and Recording arts at Minneapolis Media Institute.

Petersen started out in show business at the age of ten when he became a "Mouseketeer" on the Mickey Mouse Club.
He was fired within two weeks for disorderly conduct. He was later quoted as saying, "I didn't know a kid actor shouldn't act like a kid."
He also appeared as one of the children in the 1958 movie Houseboat with Sophia Loren and Cary Grant. However, he achieved stardom as a teenage heartthrob on The Donna Reed Show, an ABC family sitcom that ran from 1958 to 1966.
He played son Jeff Stone from the time he was twelve until he was twenty. In addition, he learned a great deal from Reed while he was growing up on the television set. Above all, he realized that Donna was his favorite actress to date in his business.
Petersen sang his sentimental hit song My Dad to costar Carl Betz, who portrayed Dr. Alex Stone, in a 1962 episode of the series. His other costars were Shelley Fabares and his sister Patty Petersen as well as Bob Crane.


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