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  • Songwriting credits (and royalties) are shared equally regardless of who wrote the song. This is one reason they have been around so long, as many bands have broken up over who gets writing credits.
  • Stipe produced the movie Being John Malkovich. He is often mistaken for Malkovich.
  • Have done 2 MTV "Unplugged" specials. The first was in 1991, the second in 2001.
  • Stipe used to claim that he could predict earthquakes. He said he got a nasty headache a few days before they hit.
  • When the band was asked if REM stood for Rapid Eye Movement, they said, "REM stands for nothing, but will lie down for anything".
  • Stipe had scarlet fever when he was 2.
  • Mills and Berry were in a lounge act with their high school music teacher. They would dress up and play at weddings and country clubs.
  • Stipe studies painting and photography at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia, where the band formed. The band contributes a lot of money and time to keeping Athens beautiful.
  • They don't print lyrics with their albums. Stipe explained that fans often have better interpretations than the actual words.
  • Berry quit the band in 1997 after he suffered a near fatal brain aneurysm. He decided to take life at a slower pace and became a farmer. Every now and then he will play with R.E.M. at live shows.
  • Stipe's sister, Linda, was in a band called Oh-OK with Matthew Sweet around the same time R.E.M. was forming.
  • After years of speculation, Michael Stipe finally admitted that he is a gay man. He did this in a story for The Advocate.


Bang and Blame
It's the End of the World
Losing My Religion
Shiny Happy People
Strange Currencies
The One I Love

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