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Andrew Roachford is a British singer-songwriter. His hits include Cuddly Toy, This Generation and Only To Be With You.

Roachford is/was a band based around singer/songwriter Andrew Roachford.

Andrew Roachford was born and raised in South London on 22nd January 1965 to West Indian parents

He has achieved four gold status albums and was Columbia Records’ longest serving recording artist, achieving a total of eleven top 50 hits. His most well known song is 1988’s ‘Cuddly Toy’, which on a re-release a year later reached No.4 in the uk chart. 5 years later in 1994 he gained huge sales and critical acclaim with the album ‘Permanent Shade Of Blue’, combining pop, soul, blues and rock with socially and politically aware lyrics.

Andrew Roachford is currently a member of the reformed Mike & The Mechanics, who are slated to release a new album and tour the UK in 2011.

His chart success in the UK is as follows;

“Cuddly Toy” (1988) UK #61
“Find Me Another Love” (1988) UK #100
“Cuddly Toy” (1989) UK #4 (re-release)
“Family Man” (1989) UK #25
“Kathleen” (1989) UK #43
“Get Ready!” (1991) UK #22
“Only To Be With You” (1994) UK #21
“Lay Your Love On Me” (1994) UK #36
“This Generation” (1994) UK #38
“Cry For Me” (1994) UK #23
“I Know You Don’t Love Me” (1995) UK #40
“The Way I Feel” (1997) UK #20
“How Could I? (Insecurity)” (1998) UK #34
“Naked Without You” (1998) UK #53

Roachford Albums

* Roachford (1988)
* Get Ready! (1991)
* Permanent Shade of Blue (1994)
* Feel (1997)
* The Roachford Files (2000)

Solo Albums

* Heart of the Matter (2003)
* Word of Mouth (2006)

Andrew Roachford (born 22 January 1965, in London) is a British singer-songwriter.
Andrew Roachford was the main force behind the band Roachford, who scored their first success in 1989 with the hits "Cuddly Toy (Feel For Me)" and "Family Man". Formed in 1987 the line up comprised of Andrew Roachford (vocals, keyboards, percussion), Chris Taylor (drums), Hawi Gondwe (guitars) and Derrick Taylor (bass). By 1988 the band were touring supporting acts such as Terence Trent D'Arby and The Christians. Shortly afterwards a seven album recording deal with Columbia was signed. They went on to have a string of successes throughout the 1990s, becoming Columbia's biggest selling UK act for ten years.[citation needed]
Roachford released his first solo album, Heart of the Matter, in 2003. His second solo album Word of Mouth was released in March 2006.
Roachford continues to tour worldwide, particularly around Europe and Australia.



80's Hits

Cuddly Toy (feel for me)

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