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Roy D Mercer

Brent Douglas and Phil Stone, disc jockeys on KMOD-FM, a rock radio station, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, created the Roy D. Mercer character in 1993. Initially, they used the character on comedy sketches for the radio station. Originally, the prank call sketches were a part of KMOD's morning show. By 1997, Capitol Records Nashville began issuing the sketches on compact disc. Twelve Roy D. Mercer compilation albums have been released on the Capitol and Virgin Records labels. A Virgin Records Nashville executive noted that Mercer's early albums managed to sell between 250,000 and 300,000 copies, primarily due to word of mouth, without any promotion to consumers or radio airplay of the album tracks.

In most of the sketches, Mercer will demand that the recipient of a call pay him money for some incident, and if the recipient refuses, he will threaten them with violence (usually an "ass-whuppin'"). Mercer has been described as speaking with "a mushy-mouthed Southern drawl" and his style of comedy has been described as "not exactly obscene ... [but] border[ing] on offensive". Many of the recipients of the calls are suggested by their friends who supply Mercer with information about the potential recipients.

On October 12, 2012, the Phil and Brent Show ended its 27 year run with KMOD-FM radio. Phil Stone died on November 21, 2012, 40 days after the radio show ended, from causes related to heart disease at the age of 57

Roy D. Mercer is a fictional character created by disc jockeys Brent Douglas and Phil Stone on radio station KMOD in Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States.
Douglas, who performs Mercer's voice, uses the character as a vehicle for comedy sketches in which he performs prank telephone calls.
Originally, the prank call sketches were a part of KMOD's morning show; by 1997, Capitol Records began issuing the sketches on compact disc.
The duo broke away from the series in 2001 with the New York City-hatin' Roy D. Mercer vs. Yankees.



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