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Ruby And The Romantics

  • Ruby & the Romantics was an American R&B group in the 1960s. They had several pop and R&B chart records but are sometimes considered as a 'one-hit wonder' for topping the charts in 1963 with their first recording, "Our Day Will Come", written by Mort Garson and Bob Hilliard.
  • Ruby Nash (born June 15 1934, Akron, Ohio), the female lead of the group, originally sang with an all-girl group, consisting of her sister and two friends. They sang at record hops, mixers, talent shows and clubs in Akron and surrounding areas. Some of the male members of the Romantics sang with The Embers. Eventually, The Embers became known as The Supremes(not to be confused with Detroit's The Supremes, of Motown Records fame), and then The Feilos.
  • Since they all grew up in Akron and knew each other, Leroy Fann, a member of The Supremes, asked Ruby to sing with them on occasions.After auditioning, the group was signed to New York-based Kapp Records, and the group changed their name to "Ruby & the Romantics".

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Our Day Will Come

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