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Ryan Frank Cabrera (born July 18, 1982) is an American musician. Cabrera was born in Dallas, Texas to a Colombian father and an American mother. He graduated from Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas in 2000, and went on to attend The University of Texas at Dallas for a year. While in college, he was the lead singer for the popular Dallas band Rubix Groove performing in such venues as Trees and The Gypsy Tea Room. In 2001, Cabrera went into the studio to record his own independent album, Elm St.

He is managed by Joe Simpson, manager and father of pop singers Ashlee and Jessica Simpson. In November of 2005 he had been romantically involved with Australian singer Lisa Origliasso, one-half of The Veronicas, but recenty have called it quits. He is an understudy to Randy Newman, who was quoted in 2004 as saying, “I never thought I would find anyone with talent like mine…then I found Ryan.” He used to host a reality dating television show on MTV, called “Score!” that was recently cancelled. His current project is playing the part of “Rickie” in the upcoming film My Sexiest Year.

Cabrera played in the band Rubix Groove, which opened for artists like Cheap Trick and Third Eye Blind. Cabrera composed three songs that impressed a studio engineer, who then let Cabrera record a full-length album, Elm St., for free at Deep Ellum Studios

Cabrera was born in Dallas. He attended St. Paul the Apostle Catholic School in Richardson, Texas and then Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas. Listening to Dave Matthews Band influenced him to play acoustic guitar.

Ryan Frank Cabrera (born July 18, 1982) is an American pop rock singer and musician. In 2004, Cabrera debuted with his single "On the Way Down", a top ten hit in the U.S., and album Take It All Away. He has since released two more albums, You Stand Watching in 2005 and The Moon Under Water in 2008.

Ryan is 5'7" (170cm) tall.
Ryan has a dog named Romeo.
Ryan appeared on an episode of "Cribs".
Ryan Cabrera has a Live DVD out titled, Live at the Wiltern.
Ryan is in the June 19th issue of "In Touch" magazine.
Ryan is going to be in the movie, "My Sexiest Year."
Atlantic Records (Ryan's label) has decided not to re-release "You Stand Watching."
Ryan's single "I Will Remember You" is being used for "Will and Grace" series finale promos. This single is NOT on his latest album You Stand Watching, but will most likely be on his re-release of the album.
Ryan's song "Inside Your Mind" was on the Son Of The Mask soundtrack.
Ryan's song "Always Come Back To You" was on the Fantastic Four soundtrack.
Ryan hosted a reality dating television show on MTV, called "Score"
Signs his autographs: Ry F Cab
One of Ryan's favorite movies is "Napolean Dynamite."
During live performances, Ryan occasionally likes to perform covers of Paul Simon songs.
Ryan Cabrera played in the 2005 NBA Celebrity Game in the NBA All-Star Weekend.
Ryan's girlfriend, Lisa Origlasso, appears in his music video for "Photo."
Ryan is currently dating Lisa Origlasso, one half of the pop duo "The Veronicas," who he's toured with in the past.
Ryan's favorite snack is chocolate chip cookies.
On Ryan's album "Take it All Away," a song entitled "Blind Sight" was written by him when he was only 16 years old.
Ryan does not like to drink coffee.
His celebrity crush happens to be Charlize Theron.
Ryan wrote his first song at age 15.
Ryan's personal acoustic guitar is named "Taylor," because it's a Taylor guitar.
Ryan is signed to Atlantic Records.
Ryan's second single from "You Stand Watching" is entitled, "Photo"
Ryan's first single from "You Stand Watching" is entitled, "Shine On".
His album entitled, "Take it All Away" was co-produced by the lead singer of the Goo Goo Dolls, John Rzeznik.
Ryan's very first album is entitled, "Elm St." However, it's an independent album and he wasn't signed to a label when he produced it.
Ryan is half-Colombian.
Ryan's sophomore album is entitled "You Stand Watching".
Ryan's mom gave him disposable underwear for his birthday as an actual birthday gift.
Ryan's second single is called "True"
Ryan's middle name is Frank. When he signs autographs, he writes R F Cb
Taught himself to play the guitar.
Ryan's manager is Joe Simpson, father of Jessica Simpson and great friend Ashlee Simpson.
Ryan has toured with artists such as Jessica Simpson, The Click Five, and The Veronicas.
Ryan Cabrera never planned on a career in music. When he was young, he actually wanted to be an actor.
Ryan's first major-label album as a signed artist is called "Take It All Away".
Ryan's first single is called "On the Way Down"


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