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On July 25, 2009, the band reunited for a one off performance at the Wicker Park Bucktown Arts & Music Festival in Chicago, playing a full set on the Center Stage.

On October 13, 2009, Mitch Allan announced on his Myspace page that SR-71 will be playing another one-off reunion show at the Bourbon Street in hometown Baltimore, Maryland on November 25, 2009. Alternative rock act Cinder Road supported them on this date. During the band's show, drummer John Allen stepped to the front and traded duties with frontman Mitch Allan, to sing "Best of the Worst", a song he co-wrote with Mitch Allan for his other band Charm City Devils, which members also got on stage to play the song.

On October 22, 2010, Allan, through his Twitter account, revealed that SR-71's third album, Here We Go Again would finally be released in the United States. On Thanksgiving Day, the album will be available as a digital download through iTunes, Amazon MP3, and Rhapsody. The original album tracks have been remastered and 3 live bonus tracks will be made available, as well.

Formed in Baltimore, MD, United States in 1998, SR-71 has produced three major-label albums: Now You See Inside, Tomorrow, and Here We Go Again.

After becoming instant Top 40 material with their driving hit Right Now and the lesser-known Politically Correct on their first album, the band slowly shied from the limelight for its second album, part of the reason the third album was not released in the US.

In recent days lead singer Mitch Allan has pursued a solo career, reworking some SR-71 songs and creating some of his own. SR-71 split in 2007, but reformed in 2009.

The name of the band came from SR-71 Blackbird, a retired supersonic surveillance aircraft of the United States Air Force.

Current Members:
* Mitch Allan - lead vocals, guitar
* Pat DeMent - guitar, backing vocals
* Mike Ruocco - bass, backing vocals
* John Allen - drums, percussion, backing vocals

Former members:
* Dan Garvin - drums, percussion, backing vocals (1998–2001)
* Mark Beauchemin - guitar, keyboards, backing vocals (1998–2003)
* Jeff Reid - bass, keyboards, backing vocals (1998–2003)

SR-71 was an American alternative rock band that was formed in Baltimore, Maryland.
The name of the band came from SR-71 Blackbird, a supersonic surveillance aircraft of the United States Air Force. The band was originally known as Honor Among Thieves, and as would be the case with SR-71, singer/songwriter/guitarist Mitch Allan was the only constant member.
"Right Now" has appeared in trailers for the films Dude, Where's My Car? and Harold and Kumar go to White Castle.
Mitch Allan appears in the video for Bowling For Soup's adaptation of SR-71's song "1985", walking past the band's garage shaking his head.
Jeff Reid left for medical reasons (lung cancer) and succumbed after a long fight. As of 2007, Beauchemin was working as the guitarist for Vanessa Carlton. After the departure of Beauchemin and Reid, Pat DeMent joined as guitarist and Mike Ruocco as bassist.



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