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Salt N Pepa

The group entered the music industry at a time when rap music was believed to be a fad and major record companies were reluctant to sign rap artists. Many early rap artists were signed to independent labels. Originally calling themselves Super Nature (on their first single), James and Denton debuted in 1985 with the single "The Showstopper", an answer record to Doug E. Fresh's hit single "The Show". "The Showstopper" was produced by Hurby Azor. The song utilized a melody from the 1984 film Revenge of the Nerds. The finished recording garnered some airplay on a New York City rap radio program. The independent Pop Art Records gave it an official release, and "The Showstopper" became a modest R&B hit. Salt-N-Pepa made their impact on hip-hop by being the first all women rap group. With lots of concerns about sexist lyrics and video clips that objectified women’s bodies in hip hop music, many feminists disliked rap and hip-hop music because of its bad portrayal of women. However, Salt-N-Pepa flipped the script and changed the look of hip-hop. They wore scanty, sexy clothing and were not afraid to talk about sex and their thoughts about men. Their song "Let's Talk About Sex" was a huge hit.

Salt-N-Pepa is a Grammy Award-winning American hip hop trio from Queens, New York that came onto the music scene in 1985 and went on to sell over 13 million albums and singles according to the RIAA.
They are a top selling female rap act and consist of: Cheryl James ("Salt"), now Cheryl Wray, Sandra Denton ("Pepa"), and DJ, Deidra "Dee Dee" Roper (Spinderella).
On October 14, 2007, The Salt-n-Pepa Show debuted on VH1. The reality television series chronicles events in the lives of Salt and Pepa as they work out past issues and return to the recording studio. Spinderella has also made appearances on the show.
Spinderella has a daughter with former NBA player Kenny Anderson.
Her daughter has appeared on MTV's My Super Sweet Sixteen in 2008.


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