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It has always been about the songs. SHeDAISY’s place in the music world begins with Kristyn Osborn’s songwriting, with her ability to probe her psyche and, by extension, ours. The fact that she and sisters Kelsi and Kassidy are equally adept at placing those songs in intriguing and memorable settings, at making them come alive in the studio and on stage, is the rest of the multi-platinum equation.

As their winding career path makes clear, though, nothing important is ever established or sustained without struggle and re-evaluation, without the willingness to adjust course now and then. Theirs has been a journey for which they have drawn strength from both success and misadventure, turning missteps into lessons and challenge into triumph. The result is a hard-won artistic maturity, and the CD that embodies the latest phase of their journey, Fortuneteller’s Melody, represents a liberating step forward.

The process began, as always, with Kristyn’s songwriting. As Kelsi and Kassidy took to the road for a radio tour accompanying the release of Sweet Right Here, a rebound record which went gold and gave the trio renewed momentum, Kristyn spent more than three months turning the stuff of life into art with the help of collaborators that included Don Schlitz and Sheryl Crow.

SHeDAISY /ʃəˈdeɪzi/ is an American country music group founded in the late 1980s by sisters Kristyn Robyn Osborn (born August 24, 1970), Kelsi Marie Osborn (b. November 21, 1974), and Kassidy Lorraine Osborn (b. October 30, 1976) from Magna, Utah. The group's name is derived from the word shideezhí, a Navajo term meaning "my little sister".

The trio began their careers as The Osborn Sisters, were signed to the Nashville division of RCA Records, and recorded an album that was never released. By 1999 the sisters renamed the group SHeDAISY and signed to Lyric Street Records. Their first album, The Whole SHeBANG, was issued that year and certified platinum in the United States. A Christmas album entitled Brand New Year was released in 2000, Knock on the Sky was issued in 2002, the gold-certified Sweet Right Here was released in 2004, Fortuneteller's Melody in 2006, and the compilation The Best of SHeDAISY in 2008.

SHeDAISY has charted 15 times on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts. Their hits include "Little Good-Byes," "This Woman Needs", "I Will… But", "Don't Worry 'bout a Thing", and two Christmas singles.

Kristyn Osborn co-wrote 11 of the 12 tracks on the "Fortuneteller's Melody" CD.
SHeDAISY's new album is called "Fortuneteller's Melody".
SHeDAISY didn't want to tour until they had a few hits out.
Kelsi Osborn hates lima beans.
SHeDAISY's first album "The Whole Shebang" spent an amazing 99 weeks on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart.
SHeDAISY's first album "The Whole Shebang" went double platinum.
SHeDAISY's first album was "The Whole Shebang".
In 1997 SHeDAISY signed with Lyric Street Records.
The term SHeDAISY is a slang Native American term meaning "my sisters".
Kassidy Osborn was born on October 30, 1976.
Kassidy Osborn is 5'7" tall.
Kassidy Osborn's favorite colors are grey and khaki or black.
Kassidy Osborn loves horse back riding, hiking, movies, skiing, and eating Kelsi's cooking.
Kassidy Osborn's favorite singers are Abra Moore, The Judds, and Bonnie Raitt.
If Kassidy Osborn wasn't part of SHeDAISY she would be a Cosmetologist.
Kassidy Osborn loves to drink Crystal Springs water on ice.
Kassidy Osborn would love to meet Barbara Walters.
Kassidy Osborn is grossed out by seafood.
Kassidy Osborn loves spa treatments.
Kassidy Osborn loves hiking.
Kassidy Osborn loves "Tom & Jerry" and the "Smurfs".
Kassidy Osborn loves "Space Mountain" at Disneyland.
The most unusual job Kassidy Osborn ever had was cleaning bathrooms at a clothing factory.
Kassidy Osborn has dark brown hair.
Kassidy Osborn has grey-blue eyes.
Kassidy Osborn sings the lead in SHeDAISY.
Kassidy Osborn is the youngest sister in SHeDAISY
Kelsi Osborn cooks Gable House Cheesecake the best.
Kelsi Osborn loves Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyland.
Kelsi Osborn hates seafood.
When Kelsi Osborn was a kid she had posters of Ralph Macchio, Ricky Schroder, Menudo, and Michael J. Fox.
The strangest gift Kelsi Osborn ever got was a book about nose piercing.
Kelsi Osborn's favorite tv show is "Price is Right".
Kelsi Osborn is a game show fanatic.
Kelsi Osborn's husband's name is Steve.
Kelsi Osborn haircolor is varies shades of red.
Kelsi Osborn loves to cook, to play the piano, bowling, and musical theater.
Kelsi Osborn favorite singers are Barbra Streisand and The Beach Boys.
Kelsi Osborn also hates wheat mush.
Kelsi Osborn's favorite food is her mom's homemade spaghetti.
Kelsi Osborn's favorite colors are black or dark green.
Kelsi Osborn has blue eyes.
Kelsi Osborn's husbands name is Steve.
Kelsi Osborn is 5' 5 1/2" tall.
Kelsi Osborn was born on November 21, 1974.
Kelsi Osborn is the middle sister of SHeDAISY.
Kristyn Osborn's favorite song is "Can't Make You Love Me"
A few of Kristyn Osborn's favorite hobbies are computer art, reading, sking, hiking and eating Kelsi's cooking.
Kristyn Osborn is 5' 8 1/2" tall.
If Kristyn Osborn was stranded on a desert island the music she would bring is Blue by Joni Mitchell; Fat City by Shawn Colvin; The Essential Steve Earle by Steve Earle; Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys; and The Angel in the House by Jonatha Brooke/The Story.
Kristyn Osborn also can't live without her heating pad, kroger popsicles, and books.
Kristyn Osborn can't live without her cell phone or her family(especially her yorkie).
Kristyn Osborn loves going to get spa pedicures.
Kristyn Osborn's favorite late night snack is sugar-free Kroger popsicles.
Kristyn Osborn dream vacation is to Tuscany and Florence Italy.
Kristyn Osborn has a lucky charm that her dad gave her. Its a folded up two dollar bill she keeps in her purse.
Kristyn Osborn's favorite cartoon is "Tom & Jerry".
One of Kristyn Osborn's guilty pleasures is a peanut butter, banana, and hot fudge malt.
The most unusual job Kristyn Osborn every had was a clothing manufacturer inspector.
Kristyn Osborn's biggest pet peeve is loud people outside while she is trying to sleep.
Kristyn Osborn is single.
Kristyn Osborn has 1 child...a Yorkie puppy named "Weetie".
Kristyn Osborn has blonde hair.
Kristyn Osborn has green eyes.
Kristyn Osborn was born on August 24, 1970.
Kristyn Osborn is the oldest in the group.
The girls spent five years working hard in mall department stores while they performed at local night clubs.
They were raised on the 3 B's...Beethoven, the Beatles, and the Beach Boys.
Kristyn, Kassidy, Kelsi Osborn grew up in Magna, Utah.
SHeDAISY wrote and participated in a commerical in 2005 for AMBER Alert - an organization which helps finding missing children.
SHeDAISY were singing the national anthem in the opening ceremonies of the official homeporting of USS Ronald Reagan, in July 2004.
Kelsi Osborn, one of the sisters, is currently pregnant, and the forth youngest sister, Karli, will replace her on the tour.
SHeDAISY's members are the three sisters Kassidy, Kelsi and Kristyn Osborn.



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