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Special EFX

Smooth jazz outfit with a distinctive Latin/African vibe. Formed in 1982 by guitarist Chieli Minucci and drummer/percussionist George Jinda. Having recorded 13 albums they split amicably in 1995 after releasing 'Body Language'. George Jinda retained the use of the Special EFX name and recorded the album 'Here To Stay' before being incapaciated after suffering a stroke in 1997. The Special EFX name was handed back to Chieli Minucci who has since recorded and toured as Chieli Minucci and Special EFX.

It’s time to Party with the masters of the contemporary jazz scene, the Grammy nominated, chart-topping sensation Special EFX. Few bands in contemporary jazz have been as consistently engaging, entertaining and artistically satisfying as this seminal group. Special EFX, spearheaded by guitarist Chieli Minucci (pronounced Kee-eli Mee-noo-che), who along with George Jinda has helped to pave the road of contemporary jazz through the 80s and 90s and continues to set the trend. Once again Special EFX proves why they are among the best with their latest and 17th CD, Party. In typical fashion, the band produces a fresh mix of irresistible grooves filled with funky memorable hooks, lyrical head bopping melodies and house inspired body shaking rhythms. Party follows on the heels of the acclaimed album Butterfly, whose single “Cruise Control” held the number one spot on R&R’s smooth jazz charts for five weeks!

Chieli Minucci explains the secret to the band’s longevity, “Special EFX has been my vision of what contemporary instrumental music should be. One of the reasons we have been able to maintain our popularity is because we have evolved and changed over the years. When the band first started we had a heavy world music influence. Later we highlighted more of a progressive rock sound, followed by acid jazz and now we have more of a rhythm and blues influence. When people hear our music, they can expect to hear a little of everything.”

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