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Swain continued to be involved in various music and acting projects. She appeared in a gay-themed art film called Citizens of Perpetual Indulgence, and had a "special non-sexual appearance" in Playing the Odds. She collaborated with director Geoffrey Karen Dior on the compilation album Porn to Rock and Dior's 2001 album S E X. In 2000, she played the lead female character Yeshe Tsogyal in a production of "The Life of Padmasambhava" by the San Francisco-based Namsay Dorje Theater Company. In 2002, Swain guested in the "Identity Parade" round of the VH1 game show Never Mind the Buzzcocks. She provided vocals for "Hear The Feeling", a 2003 single by Divine Frequency (Simply Jeff) that was used for the soundtrack of a documentary on raves. She voiced Karin Kikuhara in the English-language version of Stratos 4, a Japanese anime series. She provided vocals on the debut album of the Echo Junkies, a duo of former SSQ bandmates Jon St. James and Skip Hahn.

Thump Records released another Stacey Q compilation in 2007. Queen Of The 80s contained original versions of many of her solo songs as well as songs by Q and SSQ. In November 2008, she appeared on CBS's The Early Show as part of the show's 1980s flashback segment where she sang "Two of Hearts".

Swain provided guest vocals for Hydra Productions, a songwriting duo consisting of Shawn Winstian and Shane Condo. Their debut album, Liquid featured appearances by other dance-pop artists of the 1980s, including Tiffany and Gioia Bruno of Exposé. Hydra Productions signed her to a solo deal where she released her first solo single in 12 years, "Trip", in 2009. This was followed by the album Color Me Cinnamon in 2010, and the maxi-single "Pandora's Box". The album was produced by Jon St. James, and explored a modernized electro-house sound. In late October, she released the Halloween-themed Going Goth EP, which featured remixes of many songs from Color Me Cinnamon, and "Trick or Treat" maxi-single the year after that. Since then she has participated in various freestyle music festivals.

Swain was born on November 30, 1958 in Fullerton, California. She is the youngest of three children. Her mother, Joyce, bred Cardigan Welsh Corgis that have appeared in Hollywood films and television. In an 1989 interview, Swain said she was three years old when she asked for dance lessons, but had to wait until she was five, when she did classical ballet. In 1969, she became the youngest member of the Dance Theater of Orange County, a local company that performed at benefit shows in Anaheim. She spent eleven years studying ballet, and also learned flamenco dancing. She performed at multiple Disneyland's Christmas Fantasy on Parade events. She studied at the Community Theatre of Performing Arts and the Wilshire Theatre of Arts. She also performed in costume as the "Dutch Puppet", a name she used as a publishing alias during her early recording career. She went to Loara High School during her sophomore year, but then transferred to Anaheim High School. After graduating from high school in 1976, Swain joined the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, where she performed as a showgirl in her first year, and as an elephant rider in her second year. Her first singing project was a Los Angeles radio spot where she would introduce and announce programs while impersonating members of The Go-Go's.

Stacey Q (born Stacey Lynn Swain) is a synthpop and dance-pop singer, dancer and actress. She is best known for her 1986 hit single
According to a July 1995 interview with Dance Music Authority, Stacey Q's appearance on The Facts of Life was broadcast in Australia before the release of "Two of Hearts", causing some Australians to believe "Two of Hearts" was borrowed from the actual television series
In 1970 Swain became an entertainer at Disneyland while completing dance training at the Wilshire Theater of Arts in Los Angeles. For three years, Swain participated in the Fantasy on Parade, an annual event scheduled every Christmas at the theme park. She performed in costume as the "Dutch Puppet", a name she used as a publishing alias during her early recording career. In 1972 she began attending Loara High School. After her graduation in 1976, Swain auditioned for and won a position in the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, where she performed her first year as a showgirl and her second year as an elephant rider.In 1977 she left Disneyland and the circus for a career in the recording industry
her hit song "Two of Hearts" was featured on the soundtracks of three recent motion pictures: the 2000 Adam Sandler comedy Little Nicky, the 2003 film Party Monster and the 2007 Andy Samberg comedy Hot Rod.


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