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Initially a British folk-rock combo called Tyrannosaurus Rex, T. Rex was the primary force in glam rock, thanks to the creative direction of guitarist/vocalist Marc Bolan (born Marc Feld). Bolan created a deliberately trashy form of rock & roll that was proud of its own disposability. T. Rex's music borrowed the underlying sexuality of early rock & roll, adding dirty, simple grooves and fat distorted guitars, as well as an overarching folky/hippie spirituality that always came through the clearest on ballads. While most of his peers concentrated on making cohesive albums, Bolan kept the idea of a three-minute pop single alive in the early '70s. In Britain, he became a superstar, sparking a period of "T. Rextacy" among the pop audience with a series of Top Ten hits, including four number one singles. Over in America, the group only had one major hit — the Top Ten "Bang a Gong (Get It On)" — before disappearing from the charts in 1973. T. Rex's popularity in the U.K. didn't begin to waver until 1975, yet they retained a devoted following until Marc Bolan's death in 1977. Over the next two decades, Bolan emerged as a cult figure and the music of T. Rex has proven quite influential on hard rock, punk, new wave, and alternative rock.

T.Rex was an English rock band fronted by guitarist, singer and songwriter Marc Bolan.After waning commercial success in the mid-70s, T.
Rex was forced to break up in 1977 after Bolan was killed in a car accident.
In the summer of 1976, T.Rex released two more singles, "I Love to Boogie" (which charted at number 13) and "Laser Love", which made number 42.

The music of T. Rex features in the soundtracks of various movies, for example Velvet Goldmine, Death Proof, Billy Elliot, Dallas Buyers Club and others


70's Rock

Bang A Gong Get It On

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