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The Beach Boys

The Wilsons are brothers. Mike Love is their cousin and Al Jardine was Brian Wilson's classmate.
Brian Wilson was the creative force. He was tormented by drug problems and a difficult childhood. He lost most of the hearing in his right ear when his father hit him with a wooden plank. By 1965, he stopped touring with the band and focused on writing and producing their songs. He was replaced on tour by Glen Campbell, who played on their Pet Sounds album as well as "Good Vibrations."
In 1968, Dennis Wilson became friends with Charles Manson, who thought of himself as a songwriter. Wilson let Manson and his followers stay at his place and paid most of their expenses. When it became clear Manson was not of sound mind, Dennis was afraid to evict him, so he just let the lease end on the house and never came back to it. Manson and his "family" went on a notorious murder spree in 1969. Before he killed anyone, the Beach Boys recorded one of Manson's songs - "Learn Not To Love."
Dennis Wilson died in 1983 when he drowned while swimming near his boat in California. US president Ronald Reagan gave special permission so his body could be buried at sea.
They became the first major American rock group to play in a Communist country when they performed in Czechoslovakia in 1968.
Along with Chynna Phillips, Brian Wilson's daughters Wendie and Carnie formed the popular early '90s group Wilson Phillips. Brian and Carnie were estranged for many years, but reconciled in 1995.
Carl Wilson died of lung cancer in 1998.
At one point when he was depressed, Brian Wilson weighed over 300 pounds.
Brian Wilson stopped touring with the band because he hated performing, but he also hated to fly. Much of the travel on their early tours was by bus.


Barbara Ann
Be True To Your School
California Girls
Dance, Dance, Dance
Don't Worry Baby
Fun, Fun, Fun
Good Vibrations
Help Me, Rhonda
I Get Around
In My Room
Little Deuce Coupe
Surfer Girl
Surfin' Safari
Surfin' USA
The Warmth Of The Sun
When I Grow Up (To Be A Man)
Wouldn't It Be Nice

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May 1, 2011 (5:25pm)
I heard & danced to their music - the year before they became "known" - They started 'gigs' at the Rondevous in Newport Island & I went their every other Sat... it was a secure, totally alcohol & drug & gang free teen-age 'nightclub' - what made them 'real' is that unlike other 'surfin groups' they actually surved!

February 25, 2010 (9:36pm)
The Beach Boys be @
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