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The Del Vikings


Providing a transition from the big band-harmony singers of the 1940s and the street-corner doo-wop groups of the 1950s, the Dell Vikings — usually known as the Del Vikings — are best remembered for their single, "Come Go With Me," which became a major hit in 1957.

The members of the Dell Vikings — Norman Wright, Corinthian "Kripp" Johnson, Don Jackson, Clarence Quick, and Dave Larchey — first sang together informally while stationed at an Air Force base in Pittsburgh. Agreeing to work together as a band, the Dell Vikings recorded a demo tape in the basement of DJ Barry Kaye. Three months later, they recorded six tunes — "Baby, Let Me Know," "True Love," "When I Come Home," "Don't Be a Fool," "Watching The Moon," and "Come Go With Me" — in a makeshift recording studio set up at Pittsburgh's Sheraton Hotel.

Releasing their debut single, "True Love" b/w "Baby, Let Me Know," on the small, independent Fee-Bee label in late 1956, the Dell Vikings seemed on the threshold of stardom. Encouraged by local radio airplay, Fee-Bee reissued "True Love" in January 1957, with "Come Go With Me" replacing the original B-side.

As DJs flipped the single over and began playing "Come Go With Me," the song's popularity continued to grow. Within three weeks, Fee-Bee signed a national distribution deal with Dot. One week after being re-released in February, "Come Go With Me" appeared on the national charts.

The rest of 1957 and early-1958 was a whirlwind of activity. Recording a dozen songs in a studio in Ohio in March 1957, the group went on to perform during Alan Freed's Easter-week revue at the Paramount Theater in Brooklyn, NY. Problems arose shortly afterward when Mercury discovered that when the Dell Vikings had signed with Fee-Bee only one member was over the legal consent age of 21 and attempted to have the contract voided. After several months of intense fighting, Mercury, Dot, and Fee-Bee resolved their dispute with Fee-Bee retaining management of the group through December 1957 and Mercury securing rights to the group's name.

The Del-Vikings (also known as The Dell-Vikings) are an American doo-wop musical group, who recorded several hit singles in the 1950s, and continued to record and tour with various lineups in later decades. The group was notable for being one of the few racially integrated musical groups to attain success in the 1950s.

The battle for the group name went to court where a judge ruled that the Del Vikings name would be awarded to Mercury records along with any variants.
After most of the members left Dot, they signed on with Mercury Records. As a result, there were two sets of Del Vikings. Mercury Records owned the "Del" Vikings, and Dot Records owned the "Dell" Vikings. This action created a great amount of confusion in the music business.
Four out of the five members left the group because of being underage when they signed their contract with Fee Bee records. The only remaining member was Kripp Johnson.

After being turned away by many major record labels, The Del Vikings signed with Joe Auerbach's Fee Bee Records. He later would lease their signature tune "Come Go with Me" to Dot Records.
The original Del Vikings consisted of Clarence E. Quick, Bernard Robertson, Samuel Paterson, Don Jackson, and Corinthian "Kripp" Johnson.


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