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The Sugar Hill Gang

  • The Sugarhill Gang is an American Hip Hop group, known mostly for their biggest hit, "Rapper's Delight", the first hip hop single recorded to become a Top 40 hit. The song uses the instrumental track from "Good Times" by Chic as its foundation.
  • The members, all from Englewood, NJ, called themselves Wonder Mike, Big Bank Hank, and Master Gee. They were assembled into a group by producer Sylvia Robinson who also founded Sugar Hill Records along with her husband, record mogul Joe Robinson.
  • The Sugarhill Gang never again topped the charts, though they had a few minor hits, such as "Apache", "Eighth Wonder" (which was performed on the American music show Soul Train in 1981), "Rapper's Reprise [Jam Jam]", and "Showdown" (with the Furious Five). In 1999, they reunited and recorded Jump on It, a hip hop children's album. They continue to tour.
  • On an episode of Scrubs, JD receives the fictional The Sugarhill Gang Alarm Clock. The group appears as themselves rapping the first verses of Rapper's Delight when the alarm is sounding until JD hits the snooze button, which literally makes the group snooze. The group later appears again on a car, rapping the same song. The group actually rapped the lyrics rather than lip-synch to it.

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Rappers Delight

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