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The White Stripes

  • The White Stripes are an American rock band, formed in 1997 in Detroit, Michigan.
  • After releasing several singles and three albums within the Detroit independent music underground, The White Stripes rose to prominence in 2002, as part of the garage rock revival scene.
  • For years, Jack and Meg told people they were brother and sister, concocting elaborate stories about how they grew up together they youngest of 10 children, with Meg learning to play on Jack's drum kit. They were actually married. Jack's real last name was Gillis, but he took her last name when they wed in 1996. The brother-sister story was very believable because they look so much alike. They still refer to each other as siblings.
  • The White Stripes' discography consists of six studio albums, one extended play (EP), one video album, 26 singles and fourteen music videos. The band has sold approximately 12 million albums worldwide, 2 million in the US alone and their latest three albums have each won a Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album.
  • They appeared as themselves on an episode of The Simpsons when Bart organizes a benefit concert to raise money for an operation after his drumming arm is mangled by a tiger in "Jazzy And The Pussycats."


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The White Stripes are great rocks 02
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