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Victor Haynes

Victor Haynes is an accomplished singer song writer who has worked in the music industry for a number of years, as a live artist as well as in the studio.
Victor Co writes with friend and musical partner Pete May.
Together they have written and produced four Albums for Expansion Records :Voices in control :Remembering the good times :Optimistic and the brand new Album :From the bottom of my heart.
From the bottom of my heart: simply means what it say, all the songs on this Album are heartfelt and were written from the heart.
Along with the beautiful saxophone of Dean Houston and the sensitive keyboards of Pete May to the heart rendering lyrics and vocals of Victor Haynes this Album should not be missed.

Victor Haynes is first and foremost a soul singer who loves the song of Luther Vandross, George Benson, Will Downing and Lionel Richie But also sings the jazz songs of Nat King Cole, Duke Ellington, Sinatra, Buble. And is very versatile as far as his song choice is concerned. He also works on his own with quality backing tracks or as part of a duo with good friend Dean D.sax Houston for that Kenny G touch to the night. Also with a Mainstreet a soul and blues band to rock the night away too. You can have an out and out up tempo dance set featuring classic soul songs, or a nice laid back music through dinner. Or the sound of Mainstreet to rock away too. The choice is yours for weddings birthdays or any special occasion It’s all for hire.  

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