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Earn Free Points & Prizes at 977 Online Music Radio

Share the Music, Get Free Stuff

Get 500 free points free, just for sharing 977music with a friend. The more of your friends who start using 977music, the more points you get, and the more stuff you can redeem those points for in our Points Store — it’s that simple.

Two Big Perks You Get When You Share 977music Online Radio with Your Friends:

  1. Earn Points, Share Points – When your friends start using 977music, they’ll not only get you 500 free points each — they’ll also have the same option to share 977music with their friends and earn free stuff of their own. Free points for you, free points for them.
  2. Share More Music, Find More Music – See friends’ playlists, get suggestions from them on hot artists and albums you might have missed, and give them the ability to hear the tunes that rock your world. You know why you love 977music — now give your friends access to the same great stations and help them help you discover even more tunes you’ll love.

How to Get Your Free Points: 3 Steps

Step 1: Get your “affiliate code” and link

977member code(1) Earn Free Points & Prizes at 977 Online Music Radio

To get your affiliate code to share with friends: click here or navigate to it by clicking the purple Manage Profile button at the top-right of your screen, then clicking the Items tab, and directly below the word “Items” on the Items tab, clicking “My Member Code.” Send your friends to and have them enter the code when they create a login.

You can also share your code with friends faster using your affiliate link, also on the My Member Code page. Copy and paste that link into an email, or use the suggestions below to help you get points quickly! Users that click your affiliate link don’t have to enter your code – it’s included in the link.

Step 2: Share your code with your friends!

The more friends who sign up, the more points you get and the more stuff you earn, so don’t be shy! Here are 6 great ways you can update your friends about 977music, share your code, and earn plenty of points:

1 – Share Your Code by Email:

Paste your affiliate link into an email to send to your friends. Create an email now » and paste in your link.
You can also add your link to your email signature – all your friends have to do is click it and sign up and you’re in the money!

2 – Share Your Code on Facebook:

Connect with 977music on Facebook to share the music with friends that way — just click “suggest to a friend” under the 977music profile pic and give your friend your sharing link in the message. Go to Facebook now »

3 – Share Your Code on Twitter:

Tweet your affiliate link to your followers. Go to Twitter now »

4 – Create a Button for Your Blog or Website:

Use the code below to get a customized button to share your code with friends instantly on your blog.

Just copy and paste the HTML onto your blog or website, then replace the hash marks (“#####”) with your affiliate code.

<a href="" title="Listen to Music for Free on"><img style="border:1px solid #999;" src="" alt=" - Free Internet Radio and Music" /></a>

The result:

signup 1 Earn Free Points & Prizes at 977 Online Music Radio

5 – Share Your Code on YouTube:

Make a YouTube video about 977music and include your code and the signup URL.

6 – Share Your Code in a Site Review:

Write a review of your favorite 977music online radio station at any of these sites, and at the end include your affiliate link.


Step 3: Redeem Your Points

Every time someone you recommend uses your code to sign up for 977music, your points (500 for each signup!) will be added to your account automatically. Check out our Points Store to see the great stuff you can earn. In the meantime, sit back, relax, and enjoy some of the great tunes at

Have more questions about how points work? See our Points System Terms or get in touch with us via our contact form.

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