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Enjoying Music Online

Music, like technology, is constantly changing, and the ways we listen to it are changing to match.  Far before the online music phenomenon, when music couldn’t be recorded yet, you had to either play music yourself or go hear someone else play the song. Then the phonograph was invented. Next came the radio and there are many innovations that followed. Now we are going digital.

The Internet is more than an “in” thing — it has clearly become an online haven for music lovers. Today, music lovers discovered a good way of finding and sharing music through the Internet, and it’s almost unthinkable for someone not to know how to find free music radio stations online.

One type of enhanced online music radio station is designed to generate “unique” radio stations automatically. Users typed in the name of their favorite song or artist and could hear tracks picked by a complex computer program designed to pick tracks that had technical similarities to the songs the user already liked. The downside, of course, is that a computer program was picking your music for you…with the result that you had to spend a lot of time down-rating, skipping and banning tracks you didn’t like. 977 music takes the customized listening experience to the next level with on-demand playlists.

The Big Deal About Playlists

The next step from creating your own online radio station was to create your own playlist. On 977, you can add in up to 1,000 songs that mix in your favorite music whichever way you like it and play it over the Internet, from practically anywhere you can get an Internet connection. Add any song in our library and sort your songs to play in any order you want — playlists put you in complete control!

Now you have a personalized station and your own playlist, but you want more, and online radio fills that gap. People’s thirst for good music can’t be sated easily, and most of the online radio stations that are out there right now offer limited functionality; 977 Internet Radio, however, provides enhanced features such as social networking, artist music videos and the ability to earn points (redeemable for great prizes) just for listening and using the site. You can listen to music, find the latest information about your favorite artists, and make adjustments to your playlists with the click of a button. “Hello, Mr. DJ” telephone calls are a thing of the past.

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