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Radio Freedom: Playlist Choices & Music’s Influence

Listening to the radio is a popular way to relieve some stress. That’s because radio music is designed to appeal to you. Radio music is carefully selected based on what the general population wants. Have you ever noticed how most of the music in your CD collection revolves around your favorite songs on the radio? The reason is that record industries pay close attention to radio music in order to develop new music that will sell.

Hidden Motivations: How Music Drives Pop Culture

Radio music has always been an indicator in the music industry of how well any artist is performing. Record sales, concert tickets, and merchandise might be where the record company gets most of their money, but it all starts with radio music. Experts at radio stations carefully select new music that they think will be popular with their listening audience. They want to find music that will keep you listening to their radio station. As listeners hear new music they enjoy, they pay more attention to that artist, buying their CD’s or going to their concerts. Radio stations have a direct influence over both the listener and the music industry.

Radio music also has a big effect on society. One theory says the music we listen to has an effect on behavior, moods, and even clothing choices. Radio music is the primary way most consumers hear new artists, new songs, and new influences. In the modern music industry, many people take what artists have to say through their songs very seriously. Many artists object, saying their music is just for entertainment purposes, but the general population still pay attention to what they are communicating. Whether they agree or disagree, the sheer prominence and exposure of these musicians’ ideas via radio means they have a massive impact on everything from our shopping habits to our opinions on politics, relationships, and society. Radio further enhances that influence when playlist organizers and station managers deliberately encourage the popularity of artists with strong opinions by giving them more airtime.

Limitations of Music’s Influence: Your Role

It’s easy to see that radio music is a strong motivator in the lives of most of society. Whether we like to admit it or not, the radio music we listen to can change our opinions or challenge us to take action on issues that affect us all. Radio music is not completely in control, though. The choice of music played on any radio station is based on the popular preference of its listening audience. The radio music people prefer to listen to is directly reflected in the music radio stations play. Radio music may have a big influence on the way we live our lives, but we have an even bigger influence over the music radio stations play.

You as the listener are in control of the direction of radio music and the music industry. Both industries depend on listeners to dictate what is popular and therefore what is played. If you want to change the radio music you’re exposed to, let your local radio station know your opinions about what you like to hear. Radio music depends on listener feedback to affect a positive change in the way our society changes. Don’t sit back and let someone else tell you what you need to hear. Take an active voice in your local radio music. You can make a much bigger change in the world around you than you might think.

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