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10 Advantages of Streaming Radio

online radio 10 Advantages of Streaming Radio Streaming technology is a means of allowing certain media such as video, audio and other multimedia to be transmitted via the Internet. Among all the music delivery technology around us—satellite radio, CDs, cassettes…8-tracks (maybe we’ve gone a little too far with that one)—streaming Internet Radio has become the choice of many music consumers. was created to embrace streaming technology because of the benefits that streaming radio offers to users.

What Are The Benefits?

1.  It can be viewed in real time- Media streaming allows the user to listen to music on the Internet in real time. As opposed to the conventional method of obtaining music online—downloading files from the Internet to your desktop, the music can be actually listened to instantly without using up your hard drive storing all the mp3’s.

2. You can listen to the music of your choice- Among its biggest advantages over conventional radio is the wide array of choices to select from. Internet radio offers all kinds of music genres; there’s something for every generation.

3. Fewer advertisements- Compared to a regular radio station, the cost of running an Internet radio is far less; thus fewer ads are needed to meet costs. Commercial breaks that constantly interrupt the music on conventional radio broadcasts tends to bore—and often annoy—listeners, so the better alternative is Internet radio.

4. Availability- The Web is everywhere. Access to web-based stations is not limited by the range of the broadcaster’s transmitter as with traditional radio stations. As long as you have a your computer or your smart phone, you can listen to your favorite music anytime.

5. Better sound quality- Radio interference is a common problem during storms and bad weather. Internet radio is not affected by competing signals in the airwaves and has near-CD quality.

6. It immediately tells how many listeners are tuning in- Online radio allows the owner to track how many people are actually listening to his station at any particular time. Using these statistics, the station can be adjusted and improved to make it more attractive to listeners. Traditional radio stations can never know exactly how large their audience is; the best they can do is to take polls and then extrapolate on the data.

7. Censor Free- Terrestrial radio is limited in what it can broadcast and what it can’t; online radio isn’t. Online radio relies on self-censorship, meaning don’t listen to what you don’t want to hear. Traditional radio broadcasts are governed by what the FCC doesn’t want you to hear.

8. It allows you to “catch up” on your favorite radio program- Even if you miss your favorite radio program online, you can still listen to it when you have your free time as it can be requested via the website. Example: Did you miss DJ Tremble’s Mix Show? See his artist page to listen to past shows anytime!

9. It’s Free!- Although there are some services that require a monthly or yearly subscription, most Internet Radio stations, including, offer their content for free. In 977′s case, listeners are *paid* to listen via points earned for interacting with the site which can be redeemed for cash and prizes.

10. It’s Easy!- Simply click on any station link in the top of the right column to start the music. Create an account (fast & free) to create your own playlist of up to 1,000 of your favorite songs.

Want to sample some of the great Internet Radio stations we’re talking about? Enjoy some free online streaming radio – Hitz | MixJamz -  to enjoy some great streaming Internet Radio right now!
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