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15 Great Artists You Should Hear, Part 2 (Artists 9-5)

This is the second article in a three-part series “15 Great Artists You Should Hear”. You can read Part 1 here.

Here is the second part to a list of great artist you need to hear! We all know how vast the musical spectrum can be; there is a lot of good, a lot of bad, but definitely a lot you should hear.

Serge Gainsbourg9. Serge Gainsbourg: France’s version of Sinatra is the iconic emblem of European cool. Serge was like Bob Dylan, Sid Vicious, Neil Diamond, and of course Sinatra, all rolled into one. Starting his career in the 60’s, Serge did everything, folk, pop, ballad, rock and roll, phsycadelic. His albums have been sampled time and time again. The best album to pick up is the revered “Melody Nelson” – this crowning achievement has been marked as essential by such current artists as Beck.

8. Captain Beefheart: A Californian contemporary of Frank Zappa, Don Van Vliet aka Captain Beefheart was an eccentric oddity that welded together rhythm and blues, funk, salsa rhythms, noodling guitar, and delta gruff to create a sort of blues disco. The iconic album “Safe as Milk” is where guitar virtuoso Ry Cooder got his start. And although the dear Captain has since passed away, he will be forever remembered for his eccentric and beautiful music.

Captain Beefheart7. Television: New York rock group that was at the cusp of the 70’s punk rock movement. Television didn’t sound like anything before (or after, quite frankly). With Tom Verlaine’s poetic lyrics, Richard Llyod’s frantic fender attack, the group recorded quite possibly the finest debut records of all time, Marquee Moon. Patti Smith was a true devotee to this fantastic group, who imploded shortly after their sophomore release, the abysmal “Adventure.”

6. The Stooges: If you like your rock and roll dirty, fast, unrelenting, unapologetic, feral, and crass, then this is the group for you. Starting in the late 60’s, this Detroit group was notorious for numerous things. Unfortunately, great rock and roll was not one of them. The reason the group broke up was a chronic of lack of sales. That and the fact that half of the group was on hard drugs. But with three classic albums “S/T”, “Funhouse”, and “Raw Power”, the group truly showcases why they are called the godfathers of punk. Front man Iggy Pop was known for jumping into crowds, cutting himself, and rolling around on broken glass way before Sid even thought about cutting his hair and not listening to Pink Floyd.

Otis Shuggie5. Otis Shuggie: Who is Otis Shuggie? Why, he was Prince before Prince was Prince. The troubled Funk guitarist is famed for turning down the lead guitar role in The Rolling Stones after the death of their guitarist Brian Jones. Otis then took a unheard-of three years to record his album “Inspiration Information”, which led his infuriated label to drop him. The album melded funk and soul like no other before, and is cited to being an essential funk album, alongside James Brown and Parliament Funkadelic. Too bad it sank without a trace when it was released.

There you have it, the second part. we hope you’ve enjoyed them as much as we have, and remember to always be on the look out for artists that aren’t as popular. Who knows, you might find one you love! Be on the lookout for part three of this series in the next several weeks.

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