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recording Music and TechnologyMusic colors every part of our lives. Its nature is simple: rhythm, melody, and harmony; and with the rise of technology, these elements are capable of great musical depth.

“Today’s recorded music  is done with computers, which really has fine-tuned recording and can make multiple manipulations to perfect the sound and balance,” said Pat Pearson, a  guitar teacher and performer out of Atascadero, California.

Pat performs in the group Cuesta Ridge, and also with his wife, flutist Dana Pearson, in the group Pitch & Rhythm. The couple has been performing together for five years, and they have spent about 30 hours in a recording studio, as well as experimenting with doing their own home recording.

“We recently acquired a Mac Book from Apple and discovered some pretty amazing music applications that have been awesome for recording and editing songs,” Pearson said. “Our cell phones have the ability to record audio, so it’s always great when inspiration strikes at any time, you have the ability to capture it right then and there.”

Computer software related to music production has skyrocketed, creating a new genre of music: electronic music. All this new software has also helped to usher in a new type of musician, the home recording artist. Anyone who has an instrument and a computer is only a few hundred bucks away from being able to record their own music at home.

“Home recordings have enabled a larger number of people to become recording artists, both amateur and professional,” Pat Pearson said. “It allows for the convenience of perfecting your track without the pressure of paying high recording fees.”

The advent of music production software has opened up new ways of approaching songwriting and recording. In the old days, writing and recording had to be done in real-time. Musicians had to perform every note on record. Now, software allows for musical parts to be cut up, shifted, and pasted to other sections of the song. This is how electronic music creates those hard-pounding, rhythmic loops that make us want to dance. Software with mastering capabilities also allows access to all the dynamic attributes of recording and post-production so each recorded part can be enhanced to its full potential.

“It’s like technology allows the beat to free itself and be more of its true self,” said Tim Gladwill, a.k.a. DJ Evasive out of San Luis Obispo, California, who performs on his own and in the band Ashes to Light.  “Music is always going to evolve and free itself and break boundaries.

But with all this new technology it bears the question: “Are we losing out on anything important in our musical experiences?” There’s something to be said about a real, live person being in a room creating art with music. A computer isn’t capable of feeling or passion, and these are the elements that push music into a realm beyond entertainment.

“Today’s music lacks a lot of the real rawness that music once contained,” Pearson said. “It used to be more about just the music, and I think that one way technology has really hindered music recordings is that you lose a lot of that.”

The history of music has shown that the bottom line is expression. If you create from your heart, people will respond. Technology is just another tool of creation. The source of inspiration always comes from within the musician.

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