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Neverland Ranch: Musical School?

Neverland RanchMichael Jackson’s “Neverland Ranch” has been notorious for many things. It was the home of one of this century’s most eccentric pop stars. Now that home may become an equal opportunity school for music.

Due to a couple of criminal investigations, Michael Jackson had not lived at Neverland for more than a couple of years at the time of his death. He had all but retreated from the public eye due to the constant barrage of paparazzi and invasion of his privacy. In the end, Jackson’s worst enemy was himself, when he lost his famed ranch due to debt.

“It’s an interesting idea, and we’d be open to it.”-The Jackson Estate

The current owner is a company called Colony Capital, and they are looking into developing the 3000 acre property into a school. TMZ has reported that they are looking to transform it into a musical institution “similar to Julliard in NYC”. The campus would be on the ranch grounds, allowing anyone with the hunger to learn to study and live on location. There might not be a more fitting place than Neverland, given its musically rich past occupant. Students would be able to flourish in Santa Barbara county, enjoying beautiful weather to go along with their academic learning.

The Jackson estate commented on the proposal saying “It’s an interesting idea and we’d be open to it.” With the blessing of the Jackson estate, it seems very plausible that this proposal could become reality. Michael got his start with his family group, the famed Jackson 5. Arguably the first boy band, The Jackson 5 sold millions of records in the 70’s, and made Michael a household name. He got his chops and his impeccable charisma while in the group, and although things did eventually go south for the group, a talent like Michael’s could not remain caged for too long. He soon went solo and solidified his status in pop culture history.

Neverland RanchBut after a series of failed albums, scandals, and overall bizarre behavior, Michael Jackson was in debt. Just before his death, he was preparing for a comeback tour, tentatively titled “This Is It.” He never got to start his comeback though due to his untimely death from apparent heart failure.

Michael loved children when he was alive, often giving to countless charities for sick children. Could there not be a more fitting homage to his memory than to turn his home into a school for young adults to get their footing in musical academia? However, it remains to be seen what the Jackson children think of this; in past interviews they have expressed interest in buying back their famed childhood home. While the Jackson children are still young, who knows how their feelings may change as they get older. They could end up being in total favor of the school, maybe even attending!

Whatever the case may be, the fact is that Neverland Ranch will forever live on in America’s mind, whether simply as the old home of Michael Jackson, or as musical institute to be reckoned with.

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