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Themed Musical Jewelry

Huge DiamondMusic has had a huge impact on jewelry design, with musical artists influencing the styles that become popular overnight. Hip hop music, for instance, made bling jewelry studded with diamonds a must-have accessory for any up-and-coming rap artist. However, not every musician can afford to load down on gold chains and diamond jewelry, and there are still other ways to express their musical talent choosing themed musical jewelry.

Jewelry Made from Musical Pieces

This type of alternative jewelry is very edgy.  Unique pieces of jewelry can be made from reclaimed guitar strings. By bending and weaving the wire, you can make some jewelry pieces that are instantly recognizable by other guitar players. Guitar picks can also make classic earrings with a little ingenuity. Any broken piece of a musical instrument can be fashioned into a worthy piece of jewelry. You can try to make your own, or check out online websites that specialize in this type of jewelry.

Musical Symbols

For those that want to spell it out for others, there are a variety of musical symbols that can be used in classic jewelry pieces. Treble clefs are very popular as so are musical notes. You don’t have to read music to enjoy pieces that show your love of music. They work well as earrings, pendants, and charms. These types of symbols are very common and easy to find in jewelry pieces.

Miniature Instruments

If you play an instrument, there are a ton of jewelry pieces that have miniature guitars, trumpets, or saxophones for the music lover. They make nice charms for a charm bracelet or pendant.  They can show your association to a particular instrument and your dedication to your craft. Add a diamond stud to the instrument and it really amps up the volume.  If you play something that’s not a popular instrument, it might be harder to find.

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