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Too Hot For Country? Julianne Hough’s New video gets banned by CMT

julianne hough Too Hot For Country? Julianne Hough’s New video gets banned by CMTThe former Dancing with the Stars pro dancer’s second album has a tentative release date of 2011. The video for the first single “Is That So Wrong” is already creating a big buzz in the music and pop world.

The video has been banned by CMT for being too steamy. Too sensual. It starts out simple enough; Julianne is walking around in appropriate daisy dukes, cowboy boots. But soon enough, her article of clothing gets a littler looser, she starts dancing a little dirtier, and soon enough she does the splits in a bra and skirt.

For someone like Julianne, given her dancing background, she obviously does not see anything wrong with the video. During a performance, Hough reportedly said “This next song—funny story, I shot a music video for it, and Country Music Television kind of banned it.”

Hough is a professional ballroom dancer, country singer and actress. She is most widely known for being a multiple winner on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.”

Hough was signed to Mercury Nashville Records in December 2007. Her self-titled debut album was released May 20, 2008, debuting at #1 on the Billboard Country Album chart and #3 on the Billboard 200. It sold 67,000 copies its first week, and has sold over 320,000 total copies. With her upcoming 2011 country album, Hough wanted to make a big buzz over her album, and while her video at most points seems innocent enough, she seems to of accomplished her goal. Country Music Television banning it only added fuel to the fire.

“Apparently I was taking off too many clothes in the video, but…I kind of liked it.” – Julianne Hough

Sexual censorship is nothing new to music. From Madonna getting banned from MTV, to Elvis getting shot only from the waist up on The Ed Sullivan show, the establishment has always tried to put a limit on what viewers can see from their favorite pop stars. Although Country Music tends to be a little bit more wholesome than most, Hough’s video has no nudity; not even a lot of suggestive dancing or dialogue.

Some argued that it’s not as bad as some things that have been shown on CMT before, from Faith Hills “Breathe” to anything Shania Twain or Carrie Underwood have done. Hough, who is currently dating Ryan Seacrest (of American Idol fame), seems genuinely puzzled by the video getting pulled down.

“Apparently I was taking off too many clothes as I was dancing across my room [in the video],” The Washington Post quoted her as saying. “But I don’t know- I kind of liked it.”

However, a spokesperson for the MTV owned Country Music Television denied removing the video for its raunchy content, “we took it down shortly after release due to ongoing contract negotiations with Julianne’s label, Universal Music Corp.” Truth is, it really doesn’t matter why the video was pulled off the air now anyway; all that matters is the buzz that was obviously made for Hough’s upcoming 2011 album. Mission accomplished Miss Hough, mission accomplished.

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