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Classic Country Music vs. Mainstream Country Music

Classic Country Internet RadioCountry music started gaining popularity and making its mark during the start of the century.  From humble roots in the United States, country has gained recognition all over the world and evolved to the point where have two basic “sub-genres” of country: classic country and mainstream country music.

The two styles differ dramatically from each other, yet share some basic similarities.  The way the music is composed, the rhythm is structured and chords are used are all entirely different.  So which one is better—classic country or mainstream country?

So which one is better—classic country or mainstream country?

Those who have been fans of country music for a long time, will probably tend to say that classic country music is better.  The rhythm of the song is easy to remember and understand; more often than not, the songs are all about events that occurred and heroes that lived in days gone by.  The lyrics for classic country music are meaningful and easy to relate to, as they often reflect a way of living or the hardships of life.  New fans discover classic country music every day, so it continues to be a profitable business for the labels that hold the copyrights, since royalty money still comes in every time a song is played, even though the overhead of producing and promoting the music was paid for decades ago. No matter how old a song may be it still has a certain charisma that endears the music to the current generation of radio listeners—you might say it’s hard to resist the charm of the old Wild West.

Mainstream Country Internet RadioMainstream country music, on the other hand, is more popular with the younger generation and combines the old with the new.  Today, the sound of classic country music is combined with overtones of other genres of music, with numerous songs becoming crossover hits garnering lots of airtime on non-country stations.  These “hybrid” hits make country more enticing for today’s teens and under-forty crowd; country music is not just for the “old” people anymore. It also helps that many of mainstream country music’s singers are winners of popular singing competitions or are bands that are really popular today.  Classic country music is still popular because of its charm, but mainstream country music is growing by leaps and bounds in recognition and popularity because it is current, accessible and upbeat.

So which is better?  It really doesn’t matter; music is music.  No matter what type or genre, music connects people.  Country music reflects a culture that, no matter what happens, will never die down; country music is evolving, becoming something that even young people can relate to. Want to tune into some great country hits now? Visit the 977 Country Internet Radio Station.

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