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I’m on a High, on a High!

Internet Radio MusicHave you ever wondered why most people are inclined to listen to music? Just think about it…who isn’t into music? Whatever type of person you are, regardless of your origin, music will reach you. There’s just something in music that captures our imaginations and makes us feel good.

Based on recent research at McGill University in Canada, music is just like anything that has an impact to the brain, particularly on its pleasure-reward system. Studies suggest that dopamine, a neurotransmitter, is released every time people like the music they are listening to. This explains why it feels pleasurable to hear one of your favorite songs come on.

…dopamine is released every time you like the music you are listening to

Researchers led by Robert Zatorre, a neuroscientist, also emphasized that this could be the reason why music has created such a stir human society throughout the centuries; why it has always embodied cultural values. He said that the created impact of music is implanted in the brain from birth, which explains why the sensation of pleasure is generated by dopamine in the most primitive part of the brain, the striatum.

Dopamine is a common trigger of pleasure that creates the cravings you experience during meal time or the pleasure during sex. The research conducted so far has produced initial evidence of dopamine’s contribution to musical highs. Furthermore, researchers reiterated that although music is not a vital necessity to survival, it can play a major role in motivating and maintaining mental well-being.

For the purposes of this research, which tested the effect of music on the human mind and behavior, the lyrics were removed to ensure that the response is purely based on music and not the words written for it.

While many illegal drugs trigger a massive release of dopamine, making it addictive, music can create the same effect without the negative side effects. Instead of killing you with an overload of dopamine, like drugs eventually will, music can potentially improve your overall health condition. So if you want the real high, tune up the radio! Music can produce a legitimate high, proven and tested to captivate even the coldest heart. So, when was the last time you were carried away by the music you are listening to?

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