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Lady Gaga Leaps Into the New Year With ‘Born This Way’ Announcement

Lady GagaIf you are following Lady Gaga on Twitter, then you have probably seen her tweet regarding her special announcement to make about her upcoming album entitled “Born This Way”. Behold little monsters: Mother Monster is up with a usual thrilling announcement.

The news? Lady Gaga announced to her fans on New Year’s Eve she considers this new album to be her most innovative to date, and it will be out in record stores in May, following the release of her first single in February. Could there really still be a ‘more innovative’ album after The Fame Monster…?

Essentially, there’s really nothing enormous and fabulous about her new album except that she shared it with Rolling Stone back in June. During an interview, she said that the album was a unity of electronic music combining major metal, rock and roll, pop, mostly anthemic-style melodies including some sledge-hammering dance beats. She added that the album is somewhat lyrically poetic. She also reiterated that the song was made by her fans; that they wrote it for her, as they always funnel so much into her. She coined herself as mother monster to her fans that she called her little monsters.

During the release of the “The Fame Monster”, she announced the making of her third album. On this event, she said that she was ready to begin her next album, hence the song was written during her Monster Ball tour.

Reports said that it was the original plan to get Lady Gaga and Britney Spears together in doing the album, and it was generally assumed that Britney would be recording the album with her. We will probably have to wait till the album is released before we can tell whether they collaborated at all or not.

Don’t hide yourself in regret, just love yourself and you’re set. I’m on the right track baby, I was Born This Way.

Following her winning of the MTV’s Video of the Year award, a few lines of the song from this album were heard from her…considering the way she talks about her upcoming “greatest album”, it appears likely to be a tribute to her little monsters.

Ralph Simon, founder of Mobile Entertainment Industry, confirmed that there are songs with lyrics written in six different languages including Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, and of course, English. This does not come as a surprise, as the songs were written during her world tour. She is simply unpredictable and full of surprises, so you better brace yourselves for more.

Indeed, it is exciting to look forward to the day of the album’s release, especially for her diehard fans that claim that “Born This Way” will be the “album of the decade”.

The release date of her album’s first single was announced on via Twitter last month. She said that it will be out on the 13th of February. If that’s a surprise to you, then you have probably missed out the release of the album cover which took place on New Year’s eve.

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