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Next Generation Android Music Player UI Revealed Through Leaked Video

In order to keep up with the competition, Google seems to be attempting to put its best foot forward, working overtime to create its next generation Android media player. Although it has not been announced yet, everyone seems very excited about the launch of this next generation music player. Through of the words of one of Google’s own Android developers, the company has given the public a fairly clear idea of its plan.

The controversial video of the next generation Android media player was leaked on YouTube in late December, which opened an instant conversation among Internet users. In what has become a typical reaction to Google’s projects, the public sees it to be a bold step in closing the gap between Android devices and the iPhone’s music playing capabilities. The said video was first seen on the XDA Developers forum. It was a short video recorded for about 50 seconds that demonstrated the new features of this music application – of course, that created an instant desire to own this as-of-yet unreleased player in music lovers and technophiles everwhere.

Apart from the remote music streaming, that much thought was given to aesthetic layout details is obvious when viewing the Android media player. Example: including a dynamic, color-morphing background in the refurbished music library.

The exclusive ability to do music streaming directly to your phone has been developed by Google. Thus, this new application lets you organize your music files even easier than other media players and library management software (think: iTunes), as it will be possible to transfer songs downloaded from the internet directly to your device. It will also let you to browse your PC’s music library using your handset, and your computer and handset libraries will remain synched at all times.

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Additionally, Over The Air (OTA) application installation through this next generation Android remote media player will become possible as Google promised…imagine, never having to plug your device into a computer. Google brags that this OTA capability is the most magical thing about this next generation Android music application.

One of the hottest features that Google added to this new application is the interface, which really makes all the difference. This is contrary to what was believed to be scheduled for release based on the Android music application that was shown at the Google I/O event last year. The fact that the demo was not all that similar to the actual application that was leaked came as a surprise to many people…most notably, to the competition.

Most likely, the Google thought it necessary to tweak the interface of the old Android to keep up with its competitors’ stylish interfaces. As seen on the leaked video, the new Android definitely has graphical features and effects than the current OS. The menu shows a menu button located at the right panel, glass widgets that are frosted, a screen space that is wider for track information and album art, user-friendly playback controls that are easy to navigate, and a noticeably dynamic background effect. Google gave the updated player a codename of Honeycomb with a catchy tag line of being the next generation music player.

This year, Google plans to release the “Honeycomb” player. Although the revamped music player is still in test mode, the leaked video has most unveiled what will be a grand launch for Google. The leaked video doesn’t confirm when Google will release the next generation Android media player, but one thing’s for sure: Google is suiting up for a battle with iPhone iOS Music App.

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