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After the Show—Following Grimm

Michael GrimmBefore the night of the 5th America’s Got Talent season finale took place, who would have thought that anybody else could be America’s favorite than Prince P and Jackie? True enough, every show has its own twist of fate; you can’t expect anything more unpredictable than the result of a talent show. After putting his best foot forward the night before the finale, Michael Grimm was announced as the next America’s Got Talent victor. So: what’s he been up to since his big win?

His humble beginnings

Raised by his grandparents in Mississippi, Michael was inclined to music as early as 5 years old. Given full support by his grandmother, he began performing at local bars and restaurants. The big attraction was not only that was he a good singer, but he was also a skilled writer and guitarist. His music gradually transitioned to Southern soul. Ambitious as he was, he came all the way from Mississippi to Vegas where he patiently waited to get his “big break”.

His big break

You may not believe it, but Michael didn’t get his chance when he first auditioned on season 4 of America’s Got Talent. Come season 5, however, his first televised audition was a major hit. After 3 months of showing what he had, Michael was awarded the Talent title by American viewers…the same fans that were (at first) so fascinated by his toughest competitors, Prince P and Jackie Evancho.

His new life

Since that night when he was declared as the next America’s Got Talent grand winner, you will rarely see Michael performing on places where he used to hang out like the casinos and bars. You won’t have to go far to see him; all you need to do is to turn on your television or radio. He has appeared on various TV shows, as well as radio stations and completed a tour of the country with the AGT cast. You will also find his music anywhere music is sold, which is only to be expected, since his music dominated the chart for many weeks. Naturally, you can expect him to produce more and more albums in the coming months.

Right now, he is busy with concerts, recordings and guest appearances. One notable public appearances was at the November 2010 inaugural Museum of Tolerance International Film Festival Gala to honor acclaimed filmmaker Clint Eastwood. He has also appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he proposed to his long time girlfriend Lucy Zolcerova.

Michael has also performed in a live concert at his Mississippi West Coast Concert Weekend with Martina MacBride; tickets for which sold like hotcakes. Together with Epic Records, he will be launch a new album “TBD” (get it here) on March 29, 2011, and will continue to have a busy schedule until the end of this year.

His future

As he described himself as “just a boy from Mississippi,” this humble yet full of talent lad is committed to share a portion of his winnings to his grandparents who lost their house during Hurricane Katrina. Let’s hope to see more of his success in real life; another talent has been produced and will mark the history of America’s show business.

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