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Clothing That Controls Your Music

Zip by ElectricFoxyThe evolution of music has been marked by one singular concern: making music as personal and as individual as possible. Look at the development of music in the west. It began with concerts, where hundreds of people would collectively experience an orchestra or band playing pieces composed by men like Beethoven. The musical experience got even more personal with the invention of sound recording equipment and playback instruments like the gramophone. Now music lovers could appreciate music in the comfort of their own homes (well, at any rate, the cream of the society that could afford such devices could appreciate music in the comfort of their own homes…).

The last few decades saw music being personalized in tremendous, never seen before ways. LP’s and then cassettes became the primary distribution medium for music artists, and cassette players became affordable enough for the masses to enjoy. The turning point for the music industry, however, was the introduction of the portable cassette player. Your music followed you wherever you went. Since then, the industry has not looked back; CD players and MP3 devices of varying sizes and forms followed, and manufacturers constantly looked for more innovative and creative ways to personalize music for the consumer.

A recent invention that caught the attention of many music aficionados was a jacket that changes music based on the state it is in. Developed by the forward-thinking designers at Electricfoxy, the jacket alters its music playback based on the position of the zipper. Although still in conceptual stage (right now, the zip can only control the volume of the music), the idea has the potential to personalize music in much the same way cassette players revolutionized the music experience. The possibilities are boundless. No doubt many music-addicted fashionistas are looking forward to owning one of these jackets when Electricfoxy releases them into the consumer market. Even if it serves a purely aesthetic role, a jacket that lets you control your music player would still be quite an interesting gadget to own!

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