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MTV’s Music Meter – The Perfect Spot for Fresh Talent

Music MeterAre you the type who listens to a song just because it was done by your favorite artist? Or do you judge a song as a cool track because it really is – based on all the given factors? If you want to find good music, either from a branded or a yet-to-be-known artist, MTV Music Meter will make things easier for you.

The Music Meter helps you find the names of the artists who are currently making a buzz on the music scene. Music Meter artists may be newcomers or someone who has been there for a long time, but is just waiting for a platform to share their songs with the world. MTV Music Meter does not gauge popularity based on album sales alone; this is MTV’s way of providing an avenue to talents who play any genre there is. Music Meter let the world know what sort of talent an artist has and why many people are listening to his music.

MTV Music Meter was launched in December 2010, and is MTV’s newest tool to rank artists according to how many people on social networking sites talk about them, how many times they have been streamed on video blog sites, how much radio play they’ve gotten, and how well their CD sales are going.

The Music Meter ranks the top 100 artists who are gaining impressive reviews over social networking sites, and who are starting to show large numbers of listeners and followers during any given period.

What does the Music Meter look like? The artists who made it on the list can be seen in a box with a drop-down menu which provides you with artist information so you can see why they’re in the top 100. You can see the artist’s images, videos, biography, news stories, even his tweets, and links to preview and purchase their songs. Another button guides you to search for other artists who have something in common with the ones featured on the chart.

…a powerful tool for people looking to find fresh music.

MTV spokesperson Kurt Patat shared that the network had long been there for artists who are just beginning their career. Patat also stated that MTV provides these upcoming artists the chance to establish an audience base. MTV Music Meter is also a powerful tool for people looking to find fresh music.

What sets Music Meter apart from other music charts? Unlike Billboard magazine or the new Ultimate Chart, Music Meter features artists other than the common chart toppers we already know. You won’t find the most controversial artists or the world’s favorite rapper on top of the chart. This chart provides something novel, from the artists to their music, whichever genre they are playing.

With Music Meter, fans can easily see the latest acts that bring something new to offer. Patat explained that if the huge names in the music industry were included on the rank, they would probably steal the scene away from the newcomers. MTV wants to provide a platform to these fresh acts and to open up the stage for them.

Want to find new music – see’s Top Artists, or view the MTV Music Meter

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