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Opinion: Chroniclers of our Age

The Bottle RocketsSome of the most colorful, spirited and controversial figures in music history were active during the 1960’s, and most of them hailed from the United States. The 60’s was a decade of social unrest; the young adults of the baby boomer generation had entered their 20’s, and an unpopular war was raging halfway across the world. Young men and women joined together like never before, and the revolutions that followed were unlike any others mankind has ever seen, for they centered on music, art, literature and so on. Music, in particular, played a very important role in rallying the generation towards a common goal, and artists like Bob Dylan chronicled this age with skill and delicacy.

Our world today is very similar to the world of the 60’s, the only difference being that there is a dearth of chroniclers in the music industry. Instead, the most popular songs on the radio or on TV talk about the trivial pursuits of life. I found it refreshing, therefore, to come across a band called The Bottle Rockets. Much like Bob Dylan, the band pioneered a new genre of music called alternative country. Their songs have the customary country twang but push the boundaries of what we usually understand to be country music. The Bottle Rockets are clearly a group of people that are not afraid to experiment.

What I like the most about The Bottle Rockets is that their songs talk about issues relevant to our world today. They are using the platform they have to share their opinions on a variety of pressing social concerns, and are among the few mainstream bands that have had the courage to do so. They talk about the recession, about poverty and struggle and about life on the streets. It’s music that a lot of people in the United States and across the world can relate to. Not only are The Bottle Rockets pushing the boundaries of their genre, they’re also redefining the subject matter of contemporary music, a small yet significant precursor to having a music revolution similar to the one that shook the 60’s.

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