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Is Gaga Hit ‘Born This Way’ Madonna-Influenced?

Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ has been the favorite talk subject among many music enthusiasts since the moment she decided to release the song two days early.

The song quickly shot to the number one spot on iTunes; that fact reflects the level of love the fans have for their beloved Fame Monster. However, shortly after its release, many music experts started comparing Born This Way’s tracks with those of another pop queen: Madonna. With the reactions coming thick and fast, MTV contacted some of the Gaga-music experts to share their take on the song.

DJ Riddler shared his unique examination and said, “When I first heard ‘Born This Way,’ the melody had similarities to Madonna’s ‘Vogue.’ Then as I continued listening, the chorus sounded like ‘Express Yourself.’ Finally, the end with the choir chant reminded me of ‘Like a Prayer.’ ”

However not everyone felt that the song theme and Gaga’s vocals had borrowed too much from Madonna’s singing style. DJ Uch said, “When I took a listen, initially, I thought that was a stretch, but the hook is definitely a tinge of vintage Madonna.  Still, those songs came out when Gaga was in diapers, and I’m sure Gaga’s core audience don’t have the nostalgia because they, too, were babies or not even alive. Truth is that all artists borrow from the work of early pioneers and the only ones who notice the similarities are those old enough to remember ‘way back when’.”

Logo Network’s John Polly also thinks that there is a lot of Madonna influence in Born This Way’s sound, although he believes there is nothing wrong with the idea at all.

Music producer Junior Sanchez was, however, one of those rare people who wasn’t ready to compare Gaga with Madonna yet. Sanchez commented, “Gaga is genius, but to compare her to Madonna so early on in her career is a little premature. Madonna has been with us for three decades now.”

However he did admit that Gaga has all the potential to change his perception and dominate the pop industry for many years, just like Madonna.

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