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Online Radio: Why it’s a Big Deal

Online MusicMusic takes different forms and can be obtained from a variety of sources. Music is all around us; in the streets, on the radio, on TV and on the Internet. Music on the internet or online music, as we know it today is the most innovative media in which music is being played. Aside from the modern-day CD’s, DVD’s, MP3 players and other means of storing music, online music is the easiest and cheapest way access great music content. This article aims to discuss the relevance of online music today.

As discussed in the above, online music is very much accessible as it is available through the Internet. You just need to log on to your computer and search the net for your favorite music and that’s it. Online radio is a popular way to access music online; it offers a wide array of music genres and has music for every type of listener. Stations like allow you to play artist-specific playlists, you own personal playlist, or any of our 11 free online radio stations that draw from our massive music database.

With online radio, you get tap on your artistic side as you get to create your own playlist with a mix and match assortment of your favorite songs. You get to choose your songs, artist and genre of your liking and again, it is very accessible. As compared to buying CD’s, online radio saves you a lot of cash, as one CD typically contains a limited variety and will cost you something unless you just inherit music from your friends. Online radio from is free and unlimited.

Again, with comparison to listening music on the radio or buying CD’s, online music offers a wider range of genres to choose form. With the radio, one station may offer only one or two kinds of songs. With CD’s, it offers only the songs of a particular artist; and you may not like all the songs of that particular artist. With online music, all the songs and artists that you want can be stored in your personal playlist that you can access them anytime.

In this modern day and age, getting music online is the “IN” thing. Some people may still prefer the more conventional media like the radio, CD’s and others. Whichever one they choose, as long as the goal of listening to the music that we  love is reached, everybody is happy. As they say, music feeds the soul…and a well-fed soul is a happy one, so tune in!

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