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Opinion: The Downfall of Lauryn Hill

Lauryn HillI think many of the artists that dot today’s contemporary musical landscape are, as a rule, quite vain, and ruled by their egos more than anything else. While it is true that there is the odd show of humility, most of the artists in the industry, especially those that have tasted relative success, are a little too proud for my tastes. One of these artists is Lauryn Hill, for whom I am developing a particularly intense dislike. I have loved her music ever since she was part of the Fugees, and I absolutely adored her album titled The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. I think some of the songs on the album are among the best soul/reggae tracks in history; they’re up there with Bob Marley.

the artist behind the tone, rhythm and lyrics is just as important

Somewhere down the line, however, things started getting to Lauryn Hill’s head. I think the five Grammy awards and multi-platinum albums had something to do with the disgusting attitude of pride Lauryn Hill began displaying. As much as fans like me love the music, the artist behind the tone, rhythm and lyrics is just as important. Music is personal. It is not an objective experience. Over the years, therefore, I’ve found myself liking Lauryn Hill less and less, mainly due to her obnoxious behavior.

Incidents on her latest US tour are just adding to my dislike for this once-great reggae artist. Apparently, Hill arrives at her venues hours late without so much as an apology. Her concerts have gotten increasingly irrelevant with Hill playing heavily remixed versions of her great hits. While I appreciate her commitment to mixing things up and giving people a fresh take on old tracks, by doing this she runs into the danger of alienating her core audience. At her last concert the audience was clueless. They couldn’t participate. They had no idea what she was singing…and many simply walked out. It’s a little disheartening to see a great artist like Lauryn Hill decline like this but, truth be told, she has no one to blame but herself.

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