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Japan Relief-Version of ‘Sing’ by My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance has made an announcement stating that they are going to make a new rendition of their song ‘Sing’- the income generated from whom will be given to the earthquake relief charity fund being run by Red Cross in Japan. But they don’t wanna be alone in contributing all the charity action. Instead, they have asked their legion of fans called MCRmy to join them and contribute to this cause in any way they can.

The band has also asked their fans to upload their messages, video clips, images or anything else they can to lift the morale of the disaster-stricken Japanese nation. The submitted collection with the message #SINGItForJapan will then be used by the band on the video of the charity-oriented song that they plan to make.

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MCR guitarist Ray Toro posted a message on the group’s official website, in which he advised their followers to follow their heart and send any type of message that comes naturally to them, and which they think could give the Japanese people a ray of hope. Toro wants the fans to let the millions suffering in Japan that they are not alone in this hour of need and they will do everything in their power to get the proud Japanese nation back on its feet. The guitarist also said that considering the level of creativity of their fans, which they have experienced firsthand during their tours and concerts, he is sure that the MCRmy will try their level best to gather people up and issue a mass message of love and support for the Japanese.

He added that the idea of using the #SINGItForJapan hash tag on Twitter came to them after seeing many people on the internet using the phrase, following the immediate strike on the earthquake-induced Tsunami.

Toro recalled that like many people he was devastated and shocked to see the level of havoc created by the March 11 quake and he became glued in front of the TV screen for hours in disbelief. He revealed that soon after he took to the computer and started browsing news websites, hoping that a miracle would have prevented the loss of human life, but unfortunately his wish didn’t come true. During this time he noticed the #SINGItForJapan phrase on Twitter and eventually this has become the title of their new version of ‘Sing.’

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