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Adele: Beyonce’s Alter Ego ‘Sasha Fierce’ Keeps Her Stage Fright in Check

adele Adele: Beyonce’s Alter Ego ‘Sasha Fierce’ Keeps Her Stage Fright in Check

Not content with beating Britney Spears on US music charts and spearheading the new musical attack mounted on the American soil by Britain, Adele achieved another big honor when the famous Rolling Stones magazine decided to feature her on the cover of the next issue.

Her fame and good fortune has sky rocketed in recent months and one would think that it must be getting pretty routine for Adele to find herself in the limelight, but the reality is that she is still coming to terms with the piling list of honors that she has witnessed in her short musical career so far. In fact, she still regularly experiences stage fright and anxiety attacks before her performances, which might appear odd to some considering that she almost always looks calm and composed in studio sessions as well as during her live performances.

In a recent interview the Chasing Pavements-singer revealed that she is frightened of standing in front of the audience and once in an Amsterdam show, she got so nervous that she almost escaped down the emergency exit. She also said that touring is not one of her favorite things and she has also thrown up on several occasions during her concerts.

And stage fright is not all that she has. The number one selling singer of 2011 is also scared of fellow celebrities. However, one personality that made her relax during one of her anxiety attacks was Beyonce Knowles. Adele recalled that she suffered a massive anxiety attack just before her meeting with Beyonce. The American R&B diva then appeared and lavished Adele with praises, saying, “You’re amazing! When I listen to you I feel like I’m listening to God. ”

After her meeting, Adele said a thought came into her mind that what Beyonce’s alter ego ‘Sasha Fierce’ would do in her position, and at that very moment Adele’s own alter ego ‘Sasha Carter’ was born. The word ‘Carter’ is derived from the powerful personality of late country singer June Carter. Since then, whenever Adele feels a bit low on confidence, she unleashes her stage personality and hides behind the calm and composed demeanor of Sasha Carter.

The Grammy winning songstress also added that she is completely at ease with being a little chubby compared to her other female peers, who sport wire thin statures. “My life is full of drama, and I won’t have time to worry about something as petty as what I look like. I don’t like going to the gym. I like eating fine foods and drinking nice wine,” she admitted.

When asked if there is any chance she would be willing to show a bit of skin in her upcoming music videos, Adele replied that although she is a big fan of the revealing videos of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, it is not something that she would ever want for herself, even if she had a slim body like theirs. Adele clarified by signaling that she makes music for ears and not the eyes.

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